DodgeTheBacon Revolution

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Author Comments

In 2010, I made a game... Dodge the Bacon. I took it down along with the rest of my flash. However, I stumbled upon this game, and I liked the idea, so I thought I'd do a quick remake, just to see how well I could do it. I think I did an okay job.

The original game I made as an April Fools joke for the infamous Kevin Bacon Day.


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Average avoiding game. The music wasn't too annoying, and the fact that the bacon came after you, instead of random, did not go unnoticed. Some upgrades or background changes or something would've made this a lot better. Just too repetitive for me.

Review aside, you should try being a little more kind in your review replies. I know it's gonna be a bitch reading stupid. or negative comments, but responding in a curt way just makes it look like you're the one who's immature. Rise above that shit man.

VioletVulpine responds:

I'm not a man. Thanks for the review, I shat this out in an evening months ago.

Also if people don't put effort into their "reviews", which are supposed to be, you know, REVIEWS, and not comments, I'm not going to put any effort into my reply.

i eat pigs

VioletVulpine responds:

Learn to write a review.

This is cool
Does it get hard when the Bacon appears faster?
This is a nice idea
keep it up

VioletVulpine responds:

Not a review

I like it but would suggest a little more detail in graphics and an occasional random piece of bacon to be thrown. It's too easy to get into a rhythm.

VioletVulpine responds:

The graphics are like that on purpose. It's an art style.

Mediocre avoid-the-shit game.

+ Skill based rather than luck based, in that the shit always comes right at you.
+ The bacon looks appetizing. Mmm, dead pig meat.

- Boring as hell and repetitive. If this really is a remake, I hope you have better material than this.

- Add power ups
- Different shape/speed of the bacon (not all bacon is created equal)
- Upgrades? I'm reaching here.

Verdict: 2/5, 3/10. It's okay.

VioletVulpine responds:

Yeah I suppose. I mainly made this to flex my flash "muscles".

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2014
10:37 AM EDT
Action - Other