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OCD Dreambot is a door closing robot with an extreme case of OCD - if he doesn't close all the doors before his power runs out he'll fall asleep and have nightmares!

10 levels of puzzley platformy-ness featuring lighting and a variety of puzzling levels.

Tips: Switching switches uses up precious battery power - try to do as much of the level as you can in the dark to get the best score!

Created for the Nitrome Game Jam 2014 - vote for us and check the other entries at http://www.nitrome.com/jam

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Solid. I like this one, particularly becausw I can relate to OCD Dreambot. :-)

Good graphic and music in light of the time limit you had. The music actually reminds me a little bit of the sound track to an 90's claymation game called The Neverhood, which had one of the best (though strangest) soundtracks ever.

As someone noted below, only controls are a little sloppy. Not a big issue, but they made a few of the levels pretty damn frustrating. For a game requiring precision, controls need to be tight. These were a bit slow, and the character did slide around a bit on jumps.

But again: 5 day challenge. As it stands now, very good job in light of the imposed limit. The game wasn't long enough for the controls be that frustrating, yet it was still satisfying to win. The flexible scoring on beating the levels actually adds some replay. Maybe a full-length, tighter version of the game?

nice game, funny music.
but there is one thing: This needs a retry hotkey. So you can retry everytime you fail a move and you don't want to use up the whole power.

This is a pretty good puzzle-platformer. The concept, audio, and videos are great. Good job.

thepodge responds:


Rather frustrating.
This game could be fun but it isn't for a number of reasons.
The controls are really slippery! When you make the robot jump it is very easy to overshoot platforms and miss your target entirely, and sometimes this means falling into obstacles or having to ascend a number of platforms again, which takes me to my second point.
The battery dies really fast. It dies faster when you get hit by enemies or obstacles and also when you're jumping across multiple platforms. Other than the controls being flimsy I found a lot of platforms were awkwardly placed. They're placed in a way that the robot could make the jump if you were really really precise with your controls, and it's annoying when you're jumping multiple times trying to get on the platform and you either overshoot or you fall back down to where you came from. Sometimes where you came from would have an opponent in it and you'd get damaged. So your battery gets sapped both by the enemy and you missing the jump. With the amount of battery you're provided with you'll have to get the later levels almost perfect to finish.
Another major issue I have is the amount of backtracking involved! In later levels, difficulty is amped up not by more complex puzzles or anything of that sort but by making you have to go in circles every time you close a door, and of course if you miss jumps or get hit with obstacles your battery gets sapped really fast.
There's this other issue with the placement of the batteries. Sometimes the robot would have one bar left and I'm just two jumps away from reaching a spare battery, however even if I make one of the two jumps the robot would shut down before it could make use of the battery. It's like the game is set in a way that if you miss perfection by one step you can't finish. Master troll move game devs.
Also a setback that's keeping me from enjoying this game entirely is the lack of a reset button. You virtually have to die if you want to try a level again.
While the advice says to perform the levels in the dark. It would use up less battery if you get the level perfect, but if you're missing jumps and getting hit with things, you're better off turning the light on again to see what you're doing, especially with the amount of accuracy you'd need to finish a level.
Perhaps someone with OCD would be best suited for a game like this. Nonetheless, it's still mildly enjoyable.

thepodge responds:

Thanks for your feedback. The game was only made in one week so it was never going to be perfect - you definitely bring up a lot of points that are worth bearing in mind for future games or sequels.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2014
9:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle