On Dungeons

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Arrow keys to move.

Music by: fluidvolt.

EDIT: Fixed preloader, hopefully.

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This only has three stars?? What?? This deserved frontpage.

I have to say, I enjoyed this. I liked the graphics. The horrible floor pattern was especially funny, as I saw exactly what you were going for before the character even mentioned it. The concept was funny... pretty creative. While the game wasn't especially hard, I found the challenges to be interesting, particularly where solving puzzles involved using the wrap-around screens. I also think you had a good message at the end of the game, although it was amusing the way you untwisted the twist at the end. Generally not a good idea in a serious story, but clever in a spoof.

The music was very good, relaxing and somewhat mysterious. I'd like to see some of these tracks used in a dreamy sort-of game, like a psychological adventure.

Regarding what the other reviews are saying abut the unlocked door: I agree to an extent, but I also think they're being too harsh, ignoring every other aspect of the game to criticize that one point. The journey is as important as the destination, if not more.

Still, I think Tainted-Trixter has the right idea. Make the door unlockable after a few jiggles. Perhaps the character can point out how cheap the handle is, because it seems loose, which might distract the player from the possibility that one really CAN open the door with a few tries. If you want to avoid giving the player the wrong idea about the game by allowing him or her to finish the game so quickly, make it obvious that they've stumbled onto an alternate ending. The Dungeon Master would be a good character to do this through, complaining that the player didn't follow the plan he had originally laid out.

Just some thoughts. Creative idea, overall.

the whole point of the game was based on a choice you didn't actually give the player.

Ok, first, I thought the game was fun not really any difficulty, but relaxing kind of fun. I do agree with the other reviewer however, if you say the door is unlocked there should be an option to open it by simply trying it several times with an alternate ending to suit. I have to admit in my first play through I never even walked up to the door, I did try again just for the purpose of trying a few things (including doing everything before getting the key). None of which provided any indication that the door would ever open or that we could get the PC to actually try the door. Which was kind of sad. It would be kind of nice if each time you approached the door it gave a quip and knocked off a counter until after X number of tries he says "Ok, fine I will try the door" realizes it is unlocked and then alternate ending.

Like I said though, I enjoyed it, fun game worth a few minutes of your day if you want something relaxing and light.

Good work but next time when you say the door was unlockt it should be unlockt.
because that only 1.5 stars otherwise it will be 3 stars worth.

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4.64 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2014
7:02 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other