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Palisade Runner is a base building top down zombie shooter. Having been left behind in the nightly evacuations, our victim, the engineer doesn't have that many options left. They have to face the zombie hordes alone with nothing but a freeze gun and whatever they're authorized to build. They've been promised a costly rescue, but they have to come up with the goods before the horde becomes too much. Can you help the engineer survive until rescue arrives?


-Build towers, gates, walls to defend yourself against the zombie hordes!

-Fund your operation with silos, stray gold deposits, and artifact zombie drops!

-Build custom sprawling bases!

-Help keep the hordes back or let the turrets gun them down!


WASD to move.

Mouse over a structure icon to figure out which key is needed to press to build.

Press structure key to enter build mode, then click with mouse to place structure.

Shoot by holding down left mouse button.

Change log:
-Increased prices for all structures except towers.
-Zombies move faster.
-New enemy type!
-Fixed upgrade bug.
-Lowered Rescue Price.


Really cool ideas behind this, neat retro graphics, LOVED THE MUSIC.
Couldn't beat the damn thing for the life of me, but really cool idea, can't wait to see the full version if this is just a "demo."

xhunterko responds:

Glad you liked it! Don't forget to pre-order if you liked it really well! Any particular reason you couldn't beat it? I'd love to know!

Very cool game! nice simple lay out I noticed a bit of a glitch when pressing U for the upgrade I could do it forever it seems, price keeps going up and money into minus zone?

Also could be made harder I had no problem keeping enemy's at bay with just 2 towers and I just spammed silos.
I think the price of stuff needs to go up every time you build one to make the game a bit harder.

xhunterko responds:

Hopefully with the update I've fixed those issues. Give it another go maybe?

Interesting but could use some improvements .

Place your base in center always , fix economy a bit and don't make enemies fade .

xhunterko responds:

I've tweaked the base a bit so it's a bit more center each time. Not sure what to do about the enemy fade though, it let's you know how much health they have. Thanks for playing!

I can not get so much money for so little time to be rescued.... I had 300000 money when the game just said "Game Over!" and time went to 00:00. But 4 stars for gameplay.

xhunterko responds:

I've lowered the rescue price so you should hopefully be able to finish. Will probably lower it even more. Thanks for playing!

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2.68 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2014
1:03 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed