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2048 goku

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During his adventures, Goku has changed. At first it was just a tiny baby to become the mighty warrior that everyone knows. By moving the cards from left to right or top to bottom, you will merge if they are identical. You will then evolve Goku gradually. Discover all transformations of his arrival on Earth to his super Saiyan 4 transformations through Kaioken mode or super warrior 3.

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Lags after 7000 points

A amusing time killer of a little game, simple concept. However it lags around 5000 or 6000 when you match tiles. Also could use some music to listen too as you play. Aside from that It's not that bad at all.

Not familiar with dragon ball, but a good game none the less. Maybe making a guide to progress would be helpful for those who aren't familiar with the show. Otherwise, not a bad clone.

Well. I'm glad it doesn't make the "fusion.... HA!" sound every time you combine 2. Because that would really, really suck. I don't know if it doesn't do that because the creator realized how much it would suck if he did that, or if the creator didn't think of it.

Whew. Got 5388 points and I have no idea what could be a viable strategy to this turkey, and I don't actually want to try to figure one out. That original game is so obnoxious and pointless, so it's a little better with an actual minimal incentive to go along with it. So from what I've managed, it goes baby, toddler in a blue shirt, oozaru, kid in a red gi with a big grin, young adult in a orange/light brown shirt with a serious look, adult with a cruel smirk, kaioken, ssj1, ssj2 (I'm guessing, because of the arcs, obstructing part of his face, and he's got blood coming from his mouth) grinning and injured. I guess that's 512 supposing it starts with 2 (and it should start with 1, but the original game starts with 2) and I'd wager ssj3 is 1024 but I didn't get there. I sure ain't goin' for 1024.

The funny thing, the ironic thing which no one else will realize, is that the progression in that stupid game is in logarithmic time, while his power growth is exponential, so I suppose that means that in the game, he gains power only linearly. Ok, that may not seem ironic exactly per se. But it undoes the exponential growth at least.

So I give this 4 stars. Not because 2048 is worthy of it. But because this implementation of it successfully made it as bearable as possible.

I got 100001

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2014
5:54 PM EDT