E. Den

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FRONT PAGE?! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I grew up playing on Newgrounds, and to have something appear front page is pretty surreal! Thanks!

[SAFARI DISCLAIMER: I'm getting word of Safari not being capable of loading this game for some reason. I'm about to ask the Construct 2 forums about this issue, but for reference right now, each person I've spoken with who experienced the issue has been able to run the game using a different browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, or (yep) IE. I'm thinking it might just be a Safari-Construct 2 compatibility thing.]

[Update: 6/21/14: Pretty game-breaking bug fixed where 'Sleep' button would disappear if monitor tabs were changed. Thanks to Sharpnova for all the help trying to narrow down the problem!]

[Update: 6/20/14: A request for the music has been made. The mp3 is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/srk7bu41ogpu6ly/E.Den%20Title.mp3 You can use it, listen to it as you wish, but if you use it in a game or video, please make it known where the music came from! =)]

[Update 6/15/14:

Updated the monitor screen in the beginning to attempt to make starting the game clearer.]

[UPDATE 6/13/14:

I've heard your voices, and added an "endless mode" that gives the player infinite time to explore and find materials! Once you've beaten this mode, feel free to try to challenge yourself against the timer when you know where to find the objects. (I promise hard is possible to beat.) - Scott ]

Thank you for all of the feedback!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for playing! This is my very first game, and it's not flawless, but I hope you like it! - Scott

Earth has fallen to ruin, as nuclear war broke out. A few Environmental Dens were created to help keep life going and weather out the disaster.

You are Wald-0, a sentient robot who is tasked with preparing the E. Den, however your battery is running out.

Race against the clock to gather the ingredients and keep life alive!


A - Move left
D - Move right
W - Jump
S - Interact with certain objects and climb stairs
I - Open inventory
Left Click - Select menu options, pick up items.
Right Click - Smash

Tumblr! http://crabrabbitstudios.tumblr.com/
Twitter! https://twitter.com/TheCrabRabbit
Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/CrabRabbitStudios


This game was really fun the first time through, but I thought, "Hey, why not try hard mode? What could be so hard about it?" Then, I got way more invested then I should have. Long story short, I beat it on hard with 13 seconds remaining. The key was figuring out the extra sources of energy ;) Fun game!

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CrabRabbit responds:

That's exactly the response I was hoping for with the timer! I'm really glad you liked it.

Congratulations on beating hard mode!

Interesting concept. Wasn't able to grab the dried fruit for the extractor...tried smashing the tree, jumping from the radioactive barrel and trying to grab and smash it, just couldn't get there.

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CrabRabbit responds:

You have to jump from the barrel and swat the fruit itself. The hitbox for the hammer is just the hammer, so at some point it and the fruit have to overlap, and it should fall, so you can pick it up!

Preatty good but i cant seem to get the eggs. Even on top of the yellow radioactive box it sys i cant reach...

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CrabRabbit responds:

Try jumping off of the barrel and grabbing them while in the air! ;)

I liked the game overall. I wasn't able to really find anything that I didn't like. It's a great game for what it is, especially for your first one. I noticed that there have been some issues in the past, but you fixed those problems, so that's a plus.
The simplicity of the game is another thing that I really liked about it; it's simplistic enough to easily understand and interesting enough to finish until the end and replay for the harder difficulties.
The music is very nice, too. I've looked around for a bit, but I wasn't able to find the tune; it would be nice if you'd let the players have access to the music on its own.

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CrabRabbit responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

I actually composed the tune using Sibelius really quickly so that I could throw something in.

I'll put it in drop box or something and put a link in the description when I get home. I'm glad you liked it!

after powering the cryo chamber, when you go back down to the first floor and do the last thing, it has a button labeled "sleep"

you should mention that if we, like a real gamer, don't immediately click it and look around first, we lose the option. when you go back there is no sleep button/option.

pretty retarded oversight on your part.

CrabRabbit responds:

The sleep button disappeared after it went off screen?

I didn't realise that happened, but thank you for reporting the bug! I'll look into it when I get home from work.

[Edit: I tried replicating this issue, but I can't seem to figure out what caused it. I played in each mode and walked to every corner of the game stage, but the sleep button didn't disappear on me. I'm thinking it may have been a one time anomaly, but I'll keep trying. I'm sorry this happened to you.]

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2.99 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2014
1:09 AM EDT
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