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Jail Stuff

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a big baby and a hairy potato talk about names

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That was a very strange minute for me. Still, the dialogue was at least interesting - I mean, thanks to you I managed to keep my eyes open and to not click "X". Don't get me wrong, I can say that this was a unique moment for me. Awesome story, but the way.

sketchnate responds:

that's my goal, to keep people just barely interested. thanks for watching the whole way through man, I appreciate it.

hmmmmm... funny and all but DAFAQ

I thought it was very funny, but I think it would have been better if there was lip-syncing! Good job though anyway!

sketchnate responds:

naah, too lazy for lip synching. eye movements are where it's at. I'm glad you liked it regardless!

tank would be proud

The right guys voice was fine, but the left one seemed like he recording and trying not to wake his parents up or something :l