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Yasuo vs Zed Animation

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Pretty decent I like the voice acting a lot.

Really, really nice. The voice action and sound effects/music are amazing, but you could draw more frames and more moves on the action scenes. In a overall view, you should just improve your drawing skills a little bit.

Anyway, really nice job!

SilentChimaru responds:

Thank's for the feedback! I know my drawing is not the best but with practice I will improve. :D

This was a real cool battle, though what's with all the darkness towards the end, over a full minute of pure black? Is that intentional? Battle animation was slick, but could be even more fluent, maybe with different angles and close-ups, of faces for example? Sound effects and speech were the real strengths here. Nice work!


SilentChimaru responds:

I messed up the ending,sorry about that.Yeah I noticed after the animation was done that I had the same angles over and over again.Thank's for the feedback!

liked the animation though you need more frames :/ don't get lazy xDD
i win 80% as zed versus yasuo :p

SilentChimaru responds:

Not lazy,just new to action animation :P

Animation could use a little work, however sound effects / voices are much better than I have come to expect from this site.


SilentChimaru responds:

Thank's for the feedback! I will try to make my animation smoother and more fluent in the future.