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Toy Tester

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EDIT: Thanks a lot for the daily feature everybody! Means a lot to know my hard work paid off! And yes the main character is a boy. He's not exactly the manliest, buuuuuuuuttt I thought his fluffy hair and adorable eyes would be fun to animate. Though, if you thought he was a girl then I guess you were surprised at the end! Either way, thanks a lot for the great reviews!

This is my Senior short film, Toy Tester. It was done over the course of my Senior Year at the Savannah College of Art and Design amongst all my other classes. I'm really happy with the results, even though it was a long process and I was basically burnt out by the end. Butttttt that's the career I signed up for! It was also a lot of fun of course. Anyway enjoy the film! It's only 3 minutes long so please take a look!

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This is more than amazing,Best animation i ever have seen in my life honestly,not as funny or things like that But the animation is really really done nice,Please keep the good work up,I love how the Character is so cute ^_^

Good finale, cause it.. pulls it out and pulls the score up! ;)

Why would people do toys like those? It's a cool and funny animation.

I love you

Smooth animation, good sound, decent idea. Im not a fan of the cliche anime artwork, but to each his own, whatever works for you. Keep getting better, there's definitely potential here.