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Hipster Kickball

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Pit one weird social group against another in a healthy game of kickball! Play as hippies or hipsters and take to the backyard to rehash the game that defined your elementary school social status. Skinny jeans, trucker hats, energy crystals, and questionable hygiene abound! Bring your own beard and biting cynicism.

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One of the worst things i've experienced with this game is literally how it's nearly impossible to even get a good kick off considering the AI follows the ball at nearly the same speed. So ever far kick ends up becoming an out thanks to the poor AI. When I fully charge my kick to kick, the ball goes nearly nowhere. When i'm trying to catch the ball in the middle of two of my teammates, they begin switching on who to play as, making it impossible for me to even get the ball at all. The ball seems like it's been in the air for too long. That makes it so much easier for the AI to just follow up to it and catch. Honestly this game seriously needs a lot more work put into it. :/

Same thing I see computerized "baseball" games:

When the computers ball is in the air, the computer picks a defender. As you're running towards it, it switches defender on you and that guy runs in the wrong direction (usually because they need to go in the opposite direction your first defender was going)

Whenever you kick the ball in the air, the computer defender locks onto exactly where it's going to land.

Nothing new here. Not even the hipster jokes.

I have 2 big complaints about this game. There are multiple times that if you miss a pitched ball, the catcher can't throw it back to pitcher, it just sits halfway, and you have to refresh the browser and start fresh. Another is when you're fielding if the ball is going to land midway between players, you will get switched back and forth between them repeatedly and miss the ball.

This game is nice to me - but someone has to fix that slow ball thingy

Kinda slow, kinda stale, and hella deadlocked.