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Nether Runner

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Achiever 25 Points

Complete all missions

Mr Big Spender 25 Points

Buy everything in the Shop

Overhuman 50 Points

Reach 10.000 meters in Endless Mode

The End 50 Points

Complete the game

Godspeed 100 Points

Beat the game in less than 8 minutes

No Need For That 100 Points

Beat the game without casting spells

Spree Killer 100 Points

Kill 1000 enemies in a playthrough

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Hi everybody, v1.2 is live! Thanks for your feedback and for supporting us this far! Have a try and let us know what do you think, enjoy!

- Drops and Limbs opacity lowered.
- Player hitarea reduced
- Bullets always on front
- More contrast in background
- Endless mode changed (see below)
- Fixed 10K achievement
- Less Stones during the first stage
- The First stone type now shoots less bullets
- Max Distance as a new Leaderboard
- Coin magnet!

- Contrast: by putting more contrast in the background and touching the alpha of limbs and drops we feel like the game is much more clear and players can focus betters on bullets and monsters.
- Endless Mode: here we have many changes. We have removed 10K cap and made the gameplay much more difficult. No dudes, no spells, only the random heart and the weaponomicons. Every 1000 meters a random boss spawns, there’s a “lite” version of Yog too. Since now players can reach even greater distances, we have decided to add a “Max Distance” stat. There’s a leaderboard for that too.
- Coin magnet: now you can attract money, this feature is linked with the drain ability, higher drain means also bigger magnet radius (from 0 to 250)
- WASD control scheme and WASD tutorials added
- Hold to fire with any Weaponomicon
- TarBalls can reach higher enemies
- Autofire with F
- More time to perform the Boss Combo
- Boss combo reminder added during Boss fights

It's doomsday and it's all your fault! Save mankind (and your really angry girlfriend) from a Horde of supernatural creatures with the help of an Evil Book, a Tiny God and an arsenal of spells of mass destruction.

Nether Runner is a game inspired from the fictional world of H.P. Lovecraft that mixes Runner and Shooter elements.


Run Fly and Jump into Danger
Kill tons of enemies
Dodge lots of bullets and lasers
5 different Spells to help you in your journey
4 Weaponomicons: extra weapons of mass destruction
2 mid-bosses with their own environments
A screen filling Epic Final Boss!
33 Missions
10 Achievements
Lots of upgrades with the Unholy Shop
Story Mode and Endless Mode
An amazing and magical OST
Lots of hand drawn animations


Control Scheme A
Arrows – Fly/Jump
Z – Shoot
F – toggles Autofire
X – Cast Spell
Space Bar + Arrows – Combo

Control Scheme B
WASD – Fly/Jump
J – Shoot
F – toggles Autofire
K – Cast Spell
L + WASD – Combo

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idk good game

it wont let me pick a control scheme...

I've enjoyed this game for awhile now. I just dont know how anyone could possible beat this game in less then 8 minutes or how they could beat it without using any spells. The only way to best the game is to complete all of the missions, which even on a speed focused run would take 15-20 minutes. The only way to complete all of the missions is to cast spells, which takes you out of that medal as well.

Am I missing something, or to earn those medals do you have to try and beat a single run through in 8 minutes (which I feel I have multiple times) and a single run through without spells? (which would never happen for me)

I'll probably play through one more time because I'm just 1 upgrade away from the upgrade medal and also havent tried endless mode either.

Ive been playing this on and off for a month to get where I am.

Like the game so far, but i sometimes have a bug, where one enemy on the screen just becomes unhittable for some reason. This is manageable if it happens to some mook, but when it happens to a boss the game becomes unwinnable. Otherwise not much to criticize in my opinion.

it made my pee hard