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New Creature 2

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A new creature struggles with her new way of life

Watch New Creature 1 before this one or it won't make sense

Runtime 4:30 minutes

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... yet too much biblical themes for my taste ...

This is pretty great and continues the story very well but I have to say that the cannibalism part was a bit overdone. Rather than hiding the cannibalism from the public and making it like Soylent Green, you made it overtly known to the citizens of the city and have them (plus the protagonist) happily munching on human organs and tissues without batting an eye. Seems a bit anvilicious to me. I'd rather have it where the protagonist stumbles into a factory and sees the corpses being processed to hide what the food really is from the people like how the "citizens" hide what they really are (e.g., cannibalistic savages pretending to be "civilized" people). That would've made a great twist and fit in nicely with the story. Still, you did an amazing job with this and I appreciate the message it brings.

nahtanojmal responds:

It could have fit but it wasn't the main point. The main point was her finding victory over her old nature, not even settling for the cannibalism even if it is dressed up and desirable to the eyes. Thanks the the comment ;)

Loved it!

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks Man ;)

The idea that humans start life as sinful and require the intervention of some cosmic morallity figure is very depressing, espessially when history shows that often it works the other way around, that religion often causes people to do evil that they would have never contemplated without that external influence. e.g the crusades, suicide bombings

Good animation.

nahtanojmal responds:

In the belief that all are sinful and deserve death (having offended a good God, breaking His perfect standard), I guess some people think they should be in charge of carrying such things out while neglecting to realise they have the same death sentence upon themselves. It's not the pretty side of God/Jesus, but a loving (all knowing, perfect) God must destroy all evil. But God has provided a way for evil mankind to be perfect and good (not just outward actions but of the heart) in God's eyes.

Thanks for the review :)

My biblical knowledge is quite limited, but I very much enjoyed the way you illustrated the soul-wrenching temptation of sinful actions. The image of the tormented woman inside her own mind really struck home with me. I gave this animation four stars only because I found the depiction of God to be distracting. I think any attempt to anthropomorphize God is a type of license best left to others. My view of God is that He is nearly unfathomable. I think His presence in a video like this would actually be more powerful if His artistic likeness wasn't attempted. Just my two cents.

nahtanojmal responds:

I agree with you.
I always find myself making films, then watching them afterwards and always feeling like they fall short of Biblical truth.
Thanks for the review ;)

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2014
6:52 AM EDT