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Shrek is love...

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now that this is out and done i'll move on to the next animation project.

update: still not blammed so its okay, thanks to you guys who reviewed my flash, i'm sorry you didnt like but yeah i appreciate your opinions.

so yeah why did i post this, its because when i heard about this meme, i had a urge to make this with my own idea, so then i'm happy i did, don't care if i'll face the consequence or maybe not, i mean hey, ITS JUST ANIMATION! you can do the whatever the heck you want. shiet! so yeah to those who enjoyed this, thank you!

oh by the way, that guy in the animation is Luc. long story short : this guy talked alot of shit to the people about me and lies about that i went to someone's birthday party and crash and ruined it which it wasnt true at all . he talked shit about my flawed grammar spelling, and manipulated people i befriended to bully me and the others, it wasnt good and fortunately i beat him up last year and he apologized me and i didnt take it, because fuck him, he talks shit to a lot of people and claims he is the best and smartest. not cool, dude.

8k views and many comments, thats pretty cool, thanks.

and it is not blammed. so, lucky me.

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i'd turn gay for Shrek

Why just why

SPANGLESNG responds: