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Desolate Defense 2

rated 3.07 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Jun 4, 2014 | 4:05 PM EDT

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Secure 5 Points Beat Desolate Defense 2 on Easy
Fortified 10 Points Beat Desolate Defense 2 on Normal Difficulty
Invinsible 25 Points Beat Desolate Defense 2 on Hard
Never Dead 25 Points Survive 50 waves in Endless mode
Boss 50 Points Destroy a desolator

Author Comments

Update: Hopefully, I fixed the bug preventing people from finishing the game.

This is a great tower defense game loaded with a ton of awesome features such as the ability to customize turrets and take control of them. You can also strategically place walls and mines on the field. Endure 30 waves in Campaign mode or as many as you can in Endless mode.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Protips for players:

1. Start with a machine gun for the first 10 waves of infantry, then build a rocket launcher and manually command it to target vehicles.

2. Enemies will try to enter up to five squares away from the black road on both sides at the top; leave at least one square near your middle open, but block the rest with walls.

3. Don't worry too much about 'customizing' turrets, it really just lets you micro-manage the upgrades, which becomes a moot point because always better to fully upgrade tower X before building tower X+1. So customizing just enables you to buy 'parts' of upgrades (e.g. just power, speed, or range) when you can't afford all 3 via the upgrade button. If you're really pinching pennies, you can also customize the tower you are manually controlling to downgrade all the range, since a manually controlled tower has no range limitations.

4. Once you get about 15 waves in (half-way), you'll want to outline your turrets with walls to absorb some of the heavier tank fire. Between rounds, rebuild the walls that were destroyed. This is cheaper than just trying to repair your damaged turrets because a 25-health wall might get destroyed by a much stronger tank shell, but if a turret took the shot you'd have to pay the full cost of the damage to repair it and not just a 25-credit wall replacement.

5. You'll probably wind up with between four and five fully upgraded towers by wave 30. I had better luck using one of each of the last four towers and ignoring the first three (besides the machine gun for just the first 9 waves). I also personally wasn't partial to using mines.

Game comments and review:

I feel like the amount of credits you get from each kill is random, which is fine, but the swings in variation are so wide (e.g. from 20 to 80 for infantry) that some round scan totally screw you over or leave you with an unexpectedly massive amounts of cash. Lady luck I suppose.

The only difference I could seem to spot between Easy, Normal, and Hard was how soon or late vehicles start coming, but the relative difficulties otherwise feel the same. I first started playing on Easy, and got frustrated since I didn't understand the game well enough, so I decided just to see how silly hard was before moving on, and actually wound up with so much extra money that I did even better than I had on Easy. Some of that is probably explained by being further along the game's learning curve by that point, but still. I kept looking for some sort of "restart wave" functionality but I guess that's not in the cards.

Each tower seems to have a different number of stars 'outlined' when you first build it. My best guess is that these represent the tower's base statistics, which are what you upgrade on top of. If this is the case, it's cryptic and unintuitive. For instance, hovering over a Machine Gun we see 1 star for Power, 1 star for Speed with 4 more outlined, and 1 star for Range with 2 more outlined. I believe this means it has 1 Power, 5 Speed, and 3 Range as base statistics, plus the one star in each it initially builds with. So fully upgraded, that would mean 6 Power, 5 Speed, and 8 Range. Like I said, this is my best guess, and it's probably not wholly accurate, hence the unintuitive nature of whatever the star outlines are meant to represent.

I liked the music, though the default music volume dwarfed the SFX. I played with music at 2/10 and SFX at 10/10 to try to balance the volume levels out.

The bottom line: There are some really refined touches in this game, but you may be losing some potential players to complexity and frustration before they get a chance to appreciate some of the really nice nuances. The menu at the bottom can be collapsed down / re-expanded. The messages at the top-right even joke around when you go AFK. It's clear this game had a lot of time and thought put into it. If you focus a larger percentage of that time and effort into ease-of-use and thinking about how someone who doesn't know as much about the game as you would interact with it, I believe you'd arrive at even better results.

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chad-duncan responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the game.

Ease-of-use seems to be the most glaring flaw. It was the most widely criticized aspect of the game during development. I'll be focusing on simplicity from this time forth.

Concerning the difficulties and credits received each kill, these things are calculated when the wave starts and can vary from one play-through to the next which probably led to the seemingly random aspects of the game. From now on, each level will be hard coded for consistency, more accurate difficulty settings, and better overall learning curve; and I'll have the in game tutorial provide hints throughout the first few levels so that the game starts out as being very simple and adds a layer of complexity to game on each of the first few levels.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Game is all fun, I always like tower defense type games.
But it was very buggy for me, had the same issue with selecting towers and wall's and they
would just not show up, but still reduce money.
At the very end, after defeating the desolator tank, I had no ending, just the next wave of new
desolator tank and so on and on.
Towers could use more info on damage and everything else, it felt like they all are the same.
Anyways just my thoughts, but it's a good game never the less. :)

chad-duncan responds:

Thanks for playing. I did have that last level bug once early in development, but it never showed up again. The best thing to do is save and quit and restart. I don't know why those bugs appear, and I can't reproduce them. Sorry about that. The code is a mess, I'll improve on it so that it can't happen again.

About the more info on damage and things, that's definitely something I can look into.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

everytime I tried to purchase a turret, it took my money and gave me nothing to place down. very strange. good mechanics, didnt get far enough to try upgrades :(

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chad-duncan responds:

I don't think something like that has ever happened to me. That bug definitely won't be in the sequel.


Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was pretty well done, a few things that could be improved in the next one if it comes. I'd personally like a better art style and general improvements to how building works (AI target walls behind towers before towers, upgrading was nice but the small map made some turrets feel useless).

I was also a bit sad to only see your own high score compared to mine XD
My high score 16,803 wouldn't happen to be a combination of both of my playthroughs would it? (I beat it on easy then on hard)

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chad-duncan responds:

You're right. A larger map is definitely a must, and AI needs some tweaks. If I make another tower defense, a lot of general improvements would be made including art.

The score actually is based off of each playthrough added up. This gives an incentive to play again to maintain the top spot. I can, however, change it depending on what people like.