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Combiner is a puzzle game where you need to collect and combine different colors to solve the logic challenges.


Hey guys! First of all, a big THANKS for those who enjoyed playing Combiner on your desktop. Your feedbacks were really important to me and drove me to work a little more on this game.
So, that's why I'm announcing that Combiner is now available on iOS, Android and Amazon!!

iOS: https://goo.gl/6yxfqx
Android: https://goo.gl/XzZIjo
Amazon: http://goo.gl/RDwcKW

It features new graphics, 40 new levels, a power-up to rewind your actions and much more!

That's it for now, I hope you guys enjoy the game!

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The game starts to get interesting after you can blend the two colors together. At that point onward, I start to see some potential.

You may perhaps wish to add an undo feature. This could be done with the save function of C2, to allow the player to simply rewind back and correct their mistake.

This will be something good to play in a long subway ride. Keep up the good work.

angelojlee responds:

Thanks for leaving your feedback! Actually, the undo feature is implemented on full version (available on iOS, Android and Amazon), but, I'll think about adding to this version. Thanks!

I enjoyed it at first, but what started out fun just turned tedious. You mess up one way, start over and then mess up a different way. Then you keep messing up and forgetting what you did wrong, so you keep making the same stupid mistake over and over and over. This game wasn't so much aggravating as it just quickly lost my interest. It's a good game for what it's supposed to do, though.

The most frustrating part is knowing you messed up but not knowing where. So you're retrying and you're at the end and you realize where you messed up and now you have to figure out how to not mess up again without blocking yourself. I loooove this game. It's such a mind fuck. That it feels so good that it's soo wrong. If you like to be challenged and like to think in general. Play this!

angelojlee responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you!

Good game. Made me think.

GAH! I FINALLY BEAT CHAPTER1's LEVEL 20!!... do I dare move on to chapter 2?.. the answer is no.
This game is long as shit and I noticed chapter 2 has teleporters on the first level, which could continue to make things interesting but ultimately I think it's gonna be more of the same as first chapter -- the core concept needs some.. streamlining, and overhaul.. that I can't even think of caus my brain is so fried...
something along the lines of packing shorter distances into just as much or more logic... currently, it's just like an endless stretch of colors, on and on color combinations one after another. I get how that is sort of the point of the game, but that's also why I say the core concept needs a little work, so that it's no so much goddamn WORK for the player.. it almost becomes not enjoyable (which might be why I'm writing this review, for hopefully helpful feedback that makes the game as fun as good as it possibly can be)... the puzzles aren't really that difficult to figure out if spend enough time on it, like a really REALLY long time... I don't know. I suppose overall the game might just need more balancing of the "stupid, easy, and fast" with the "smart, difficult, and slow" parts of gaming- just a bit dumbed-down (maybe more/faster trial and error solving)... for god's sake, simply unlocking all the levels so you can move on if you're stuck with one puzzle then come back to it would be nice.. shit like that. OH WAIT ONE MORE THING - THE MISDIRECTION uuggggggghhhhhh fuck that
4/5 stars

angelojlee responds:

Thank you for your feedback, you pointed to a lot of interesting things that I will be checking up.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2014
10:42 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other