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What happens when you take Final Fantasy characters and Disney characters and put them in a video game together you might ask? Well you get Kingdom Hearts, but what happens when you take a game like this and cross it over with another video game franchise that that's just as big? Well you could get something like this. This is a sprite animated cross over series between Kingdom Hearts and Super Mario Brothers. Sora, Mario, Luigi, donald, and Goofy will join forces to stop Bowser's evil plans and a giant army of heartless. Enjoy!

p.s. I take no credit in the sprites or the audio all of that goes to there respective owners. The only thing I made was making the video itself little bits of audio,and the new clothes I gave Mario and Luigi and some little things that I can't really talk about cause they might lead into some spoilers later on. This is also my first video ever I've been working on this thing for awhile but it's finally done there are a few things i tried to really fix from that horrible trailer I released by making the animation smoother or at least most of it, But I didn't have time to proofread it so there are some spelling errors but overall I did my best and I think for a first try it's alright.

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aha! so you did have a disclaimer on the first episode! just remember to have those and the one you have in your description and you should be ok... hopefully!!! good luck!


DrakeDNAngel responds:

Glad to hear man, stay tuned for the next. ;)

I totally like it dude. Mixing both Kingdom Hearts and Super Mario Bros is great idea. I can't wait for episode 2 to be finish.

DrakeDNAngel responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed.

Definitely need some proof reading, as the gentleman below me commented. My other pieces of construcive crisitism are I feel you were a bit lazy with some plot points, like you literally just ripped them from the Kingdom Hearts game. Specifically the whole way Mario and Luigi get their key blades the dialogue was stolen word for word from the games. It felt weird cause the voice who talks to Sora has a major significance revealed in the later games (not going into detail due to spoilers and such) but it felt cheesy for Mario and Luigi. The dialogue was a bit rough and at times very cheesy. I'm totally giving you slack for a first attempt and it was a great first attempt! Definitely work on the grammar it'll really help a lot. I'm totally interested to see how you flesh out the plot more :) It was an interesting crossover, though Sora nor Riku not having their keyblades didn't sit well with me, but that's your choice as the creator to do. Best of luck with this series it had a good start

DrakeDNAngel responds:

I see where your coming from on most of this. I was so focused on the animation and the length of the video that I didn't pay much attention to the dialogue which was not a good idea I was worried about the length of the video I mean it's 30 minutes long, and from what I heard shorter videos are better and I couldn't figure out what to take out. I wasn't sure if anyone would watch it because of the length. I watched it so many times I just got a little impatient near the end. This video is also a present for my cousin, and I tried finishing it last year in December for his birthday, but that didn't work out unfortunately. Another problem that happened was I imported the sprites with really long names, and had spaces between the names, and when your importing different files sometimes the document in flash your using will not work right or you can't even access it because short names that have no spaces or periods are how your suppose to import layers in flash. You need a flash drive in order to retrieve it. When I got the file back I had to take out almost everything, I had to change all the names, and had to re import everything where I almost had to start all over. There was also an issue near the end where I had to take some layers out just cause there were to many of them because flash wouldn't let me export the video. That background I used for when Mario and Luigi where fighting the guard armor was really big, it was custom made by me not the sprites, but I put that background together, and it was huge it lagged a lot on the timeline so it was hard to tell sometimes on how long I needed to animate a scene which explains why the part where I introduced Maleficent looks very rushed. I'm sorry man I'm not trying to come off as a jerk who's furious on how this turned out because I'm really proud of what I did, and I really appreciate all the great help and positive feedback you guys are giving me. I'm just trying to clear up some screw ups that happened while I was working on this. This time I'm really gonna take more time on the next one, but I feel it's gonna be awhile because Mario and Luigi are getting new clothes for the next episode so it might be awhile, but I'll keep you posted take care bud. :)

This was honestly put together very well, it's a very interesting concept, putting together the Kingdom Hearts universe with the Mario Brothers universe, and I like it.
I do have gripes with this though, grammatical errors really bugged me at times, and emoticons honestly shouldn't be used.
I understand this is a flash animation and what not, but it takes away from the feeling of a true Kingdom Hearts/ Mario Brothers crossover.
This was interesting, and I might tune in to the next part.

DrakeDNAngel responds:

Okay I'll work on my grammar, and have someone else proof read it. Oh yeah emoticons um I'll be honest i'm pretty guilty of that because before adding in real good emotion faces (Specifically Sora) for the characters, I did those emoticon but when I showed the emoticon with Sora getting angry at Kairi for poking fun at him with that angry face My friends always laugh and I thought they found that funny so I kept it in but I think it was actually what she said to him was funny. I didn't really find it that funny I just thought other people would find it funny which was not a smart move. So I apologize deeply my good sir. I would love to see you tune into the next one take care. ;)

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Jun 2, 2014
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