Monster In the Closet

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Can you destroy the monster in the closet?

** You can restore your health and defense by sleeping. Also resting during battle helps restore your health and defense.**

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I really like this game. it's pretty fun

I liked the concept but I was disappointed that the tiles all had constant values (ie: you will always fight the same monster on the same spot.) I would have liked it more if the monster encounters were random. Also, for a text adventure there was surprisingly no choice or investigation. For a future sequel, I would love to be able to type in commands such as "search body" or "look at tree." It didn't appear as though there was a level system in place. This was a demo, so maybe the full game has more features?

I would like to be able to have an inventory screen where I could view items I have acquired or equip better armor or weapons.

Part of the allure of a text-based game is the mystery of the unknown. You only know what the screen tells you and there might be more to the picture if only you ask the right questions. I would do away with the mini-map. Although it helps, it takes away from the aforementioned allure.

You have the start of a really good game. Continue to work on it and expand on its features.

It said, "text game". There are seemingly choices in the way you phrase things, but no actual real choices. You don't get to look around and examine things, no puzzles. This is not what I was expecting.

There were some other problems too:

It says I lost a fight after simply clicking to proceed with an attack, not actually making choices to attack or defend. Then, the other creature lies dead.

I have two choices in direction, North and South, if I choose to go South, it does nothing.

I'm sure there are other problems but I just am too bored to continue. :(

It looked promising at the beginning... :(

I will give you 2/5 simply because you tried and I've seen worse out there. I think the concept is interesting, I just didn't like the game-play. Sorry.

This was a nice game. But i noticed it was too short. And the grammar was pretty bad but there's no problem with the grammar but the length of the game.I would like this more if this was extended.But still this was a nice game. :)

You really need someone to look over the English spelling and grammar in your text in the game before you release your game to the public. This is embarrassing at times:
"You blocked been hit for 2 damage!"

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3.62 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2014
3:18 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG