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Snakes in a 3-Torus

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High Scores

1. Bcadren 2,100
2. Dethhed 1,500
3. All-American-Badass 1,400
4. Preroyalty 1,200
5. 5474IV 1,200
6. MarinoKadame 1,200
7. gonzale6 1,000
8. 6f6f7073 1,000
9. creepystalkerperson2 1,000
10. Kuro-Sleepy-Ash 900
11. lukesub0 900
12. Pantsfilling 800
13. Rzook 800
14. cyroknightmare 800
15. dx5231 800
16. Billbobjr123 800
17. Bloodhead 700
18. Igmon 700
19. Fate 700
20. Jackho 600

Author Comments

WASD or Arrow Keys. [Turn Up/Down and Left/Right in the first person view.]

I got rid of the 'music' on request.
P to Pause.

Scoring is 100 per pellet collected.

If you like this follow me at facebook.com/Bcadren

If this gets 3.5 or higher I'll expand to a larger game and do a mobile version; so rate high, if you want that. :)

Went into this thinking it would take less than 24 hours to make. Took closer to a week. May still be some bugs. Report them (via PM) if you find any.

Got rid of the 'music'.
Fixed the glitch were you wouldn't collect a pellet if you turned on top of it.

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Good concept, but poor execution. I understand that the view and controls are meant to be disorienting, but having to check five different screens before making a turn is too much. The turns lag slightly too. Otherwise, when the score gets higher, it becomes a fun, frantic game.

Bcadren responds:

Mostly the main camera should be enough. The extras were added in case people wanted to check them.

The lag is intentional. (Snake won't turn until it is lined up with the grid.)

Trying to decide if I want to expand on this or leave it as is and call it "just an experiment that's going no farther".