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Be Reasonable, Diane

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Author Comments

Enter a mysterious post-apocalyptic realm inspired by the sounds and contours of "Be Reasonable, Diane" by the band SPEAK.

Test your reflexes with devious platforming challenges in a mind-bending 3D space and discover new layers of meaning by finding hidden rifts to another world.

Compete for a top score against players worldwide and compare your performance to an array of notable figures in music and gaming.


1) Click the video and press space to begin.
2) Use spacebar or click to jump.
3) Collect orbs to the music.
4) Submit your score!

For more info, visit:

or follow SPEAK and Tristan on Twitter:

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Really good looking game, just not much to it.

Well, if I wasn't tripping balls before I am now, please do more of these. 100/100

Honestly, I don't expect this when do that long ass loading, I thought its a full 3D game, its not like what I expected....

but damn, the soon everything revealed, its BEAUTIFUL!!

In the matter of graphic, I am speechless. It was more than just those astonishing 3D background, this is simple even better than other 3D movies on newground! However, as a movie it would be boring, but it was fine for game, since all that is beautiful is the backrgound graphic etc. Nice decision!

The gameplay is....meh, I dont know....non existence or really just additional one? The lag is intense, you can't move to forward or backward, just jumping. Not to mention that the platform didn't really work fine. The glitching after dead also tad annoying.

The main spotlight is the music, honestly, it fits before the lyric kick in. When it do, I was like...."ugh, not another typical modern american casual music with casual lyric...." they're too focus on lyric and have no meaning or melody to support it, unlike pop or rock. Even reggae, blues, or jazz was better than a blatant lyrics which is more like focus on the message than the melody itself. This is music.

Anyway, ignore my rant if you like the music. Everyone have different taste. I was just telling a honest opinion, which is true anyway.

If I judge only from gameplay and music, and the rest, this game won't even have 3 star. Its really not focus on the gameplay and the features, not to mention that it too focused on the advertising, which already obvious, if not annoying.

However, the masterpiece, divine godlike graphic of the backrgound and everything about it is beautiful, grande and ethereal. It was inspiring and mesmerizing, that I could forgive even all glitch and mistake of the game. (if there is any)

Good job on this, you really create a 3D environment of a professional class. Definitely not on Newground class, but on PS4 class!


looking for a dubstep version of such a game