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United Scene 1

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Steele Reserve and Smart Guy investigate a mysterious factory in China...


I don't know why, the 'KB' on the building threw me off.. episodic content lag I suppose. It would've been nice to hear a little sound difference when SG spoke to SR on the phone. But your use of camera angles and physical humor made this a treat.

It's also kind of an atypical scene in the canon, unexpected, yet not unwelcome :)

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thanks dude.

Like what Cartman said. "The last thing you do before you die is you shi...."

And that's exactly what happened.
Drinking a Pepsi before you die. Was worth it.

3rabbitsproductions responds:

hahaha! Well said friend :) Although it was actually DBR which is me making fun of PBR because it tastes like piss lol. Steele Reserve is a super hero in THE WONDER SQUAD and she gains her power from drinking immense amounts of alcohol...so that was the reason for the sudden halt in the gun fight. Thanks for watching :) And God bless Iron Lung and Friends.

China, yet they were speaking English and Japanese?

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Yeah that's kind of the joke...Thanks for watching!

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2.38 / 5.00

May 28, 2014
8:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody