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Racist Schmacist

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Comedy - Original

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May 27, 2014 | 3:41 PM EDT

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"Could you hand me that black pen?"
" disgust me"

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@dellyyo5000 Pick up a book and read up on slavery, instead of going by what the schools has taught you. You have been brainwashed into thinking that the white man enslaved a particular race, and that your people were hated. All nationalities were enslaved, be it African, Spanish, French, English it didn't matter. White people were enslaved too, and not just by the Europeans. All races kept slaves, and all races were slaves.

Although this doesn't excuse the purpose, slavery was used as means of hard work and labor while being paid nearly to nothing. Seeing how African Americans were respectful, hard working, and God fearing they were chosen for such hard labor, because they were able to get the job done.
Much like the women who were maidens they could cook, clean, and other maiden objectives that was required back then.

If an African American was to live in a The White Mans house. The man would clothe him with his clothing, and feed him with his food, and he would be allowed him at his table. He would be treated as family.

Before I write an essay: Just read up on your history.

I'll direct to some links if you're interested there's a lot of stuff that would educate you on just how misguided you are, but back on topic.


Nice Animation, some people just don't understand irony.


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Once again white people are trying to justify their racism by saying "I am a racist because Black people are racist. No one says anything to them." Sorry White people, it does not work that way. Please review the 250+ years of American history on the subject of race and ask your self (One word or two? Sometimes I forget) this question? "Are Black people racist or are they reacting to the racism being put upon them?"

Let's look at racism from an educational viewpoint. What is racism? I could bore you with the textbook definition but what racism is really about is power. Racism is power to effect the lives of the outgroup (which is Black people in this case) on a grand scale. Racism is the power to deny the outgroup good jobs, housing, or education. Racism is the power to set policy that seperates the outgroup from the society in which they live. To ensure the outgroup ideals are devalued and their image is one of fear. Lastly racism is the power to spread the ideals of racism to the society at large. Do Black people have this type of power? I don't know, but the person who made this video does and I am sure he is not Black.

So if you want to talk about race and racism; lets do it. Just don't make light of the problem and don't make stupid videos to justify your racism ideals. "Black people are racist so I can be racist too" is sad. The video make a point that White People are hated for making racist statements but Blacks are not. Well tell me a time in your live where racist Black statements have stop you from living your life. I am sure Black people would have more tells to tell then you ever will.


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Yup. That's about it, sometimes. xD

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my god.


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This is a sad truth, covered with great animation and jokes.

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