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"A Virtual League of Thei

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The gang decides to spend a night out of the apartment as they attend a basketball game. But can they manage to stay out of trouble for once?

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The fourth episode of Super Apartment Bros, a short comedy series about three video game characters living together in a pixelated world. Sophie, the cat-girl ninja princess, Griffin, the retired space marine, and Igam, the sarcastic mage. Check back weekly to catch every episode of the season!

Subscribe to the youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/superapartmentbros
Like the Facebook page to see more: http://www.facebook.com/SuperApartmentBros
Explore the website: http://superapartmentbros.com/
Follow the Twitter: http://twitter.com/superaptbros

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Created by, Executive Producer, Directed by: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.com/
Written by, Co-Producer: Luke Dornbush http://www.wix.com/lukedornbush/writer

Voiced by: Jonathan Cooke
Sprite Artist: Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994)http://theshard1994.blogspot.com/

Voiced by: Courtney Garcia
Sprite Artist: Kathy Kissinger http://www.kkissianim.com/

Voiced by: Sean Chiplock (sonicmega) http://sonicmega.newgrounds.com/
Sprite Artists: Brianna Trusty (kilaicious) http://kilaicious.deviantart.com/ & Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994) http://theshard1994.blogspot.com/

Koopa Nerd
Voice by: Luis Illingworth (@luisill) http://luisillingworth.com/
Sprite Artist: Katrina Guillermo (@vampku) http://gdkitkat.tumblr.com/

Arena Announcer: Josh Ford

Master Hand Follower, Free Throw Announcer: Kyle Stover

Additional Voices: Miles Allen, Ben Rodgers, Peter Michael Poulsen

Set Artists: Aaron Dintino, Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994)

Crowd Asset Sprites by
Katrina Guillermo (@vampku)
Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994)

"Iron Plague, A Sinistar Clone" Design By Daniel Cook, (LOSTGARDEN.COM)

Storyboard Artist: Jordan Murphy http://www.creaturecarousel.com/
Episode Animation: Juan Diego De Obarrio
Intro & Credits Animation: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.com/

Main Theme/Credit Music: Ben Ray http://www.youtube.com/user/firstturnfold
Sound Editor: Eric J. Stover

Sound Designers: Alan McKinney http://mckinneysound.com, James Primate http://brightprimate.tk/, Ben Ray, Matt Wesdock, Graham Richardson, Soundsnap.com, Peter John Ross (www.sonnyboo.com), audionautix.com

Web Designer: Shawn Griffin

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers (Group 2 of 3): Sam Kovacs, Anthony J Croupe, Jeremy Adams, Mark & Nancy Anderson, Bob, John O'Byrne, Rick Wells, Caitie Leary, Mark Painter Pariani, Dr. Julius, Jazmin Willow Bankus, Ty Donaldson, Will Goure, Matty, Sam Cole, Sam "Knash" Green, L. Elliott, Kyle R. Stover, Ryan Scherr, Andrew Dornbush,

Special Thanks to: Andrew Dornbush, Graham Richardson, Sam Passer and the Los Angeles Film Studies Center

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How to catch fire
How to get good seats at a game
How to get some sweet gloves
How to escape from a mob

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I love the characters,they are so funny :D

Such great voice acting, and I love how many characters you utilize. I do feel like there could have been more action during the scene, but it started well and had a good conclusion. I'm going to go watch the other three now!

That is one loooong list of credits! Twas an entertaining game too, though surprisingly little happens. With that intense view of the spectators at the start I was expecting more, for them all to be involved somehow... and we don't even get to see the fight scenes. :/ Dialog is good, but apart from the final shot, there is little more than dialog! Keep it going.