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The Beast

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A hero awakens to the sound of a screech from the beast! He must put the beast to rest.

hero - Me
Queen - Michaela Laws

Music By - CainRedfield

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wait, so he had his son in their basement the whole time?

wait, why this as a rate SO LOW.

I loved the lines and drawings of the animation, and I can say the idea is surely original and well put.
I'm hoping for more!

KaggyVA responds:

Aw thank you! I'm currently working on the novice round animation. Try to make it goofy, but clever :3

Really cute animation! Sort of having that imaginative perspective on things that some consider mundane always makes for an enjoyable watch

KaggyVA responds:

Thanks! I tried to be clever on this, since I'm still fairly new to animation. So I used imagination to help out :3

the short makes sense, the baby was the beast with its crying. Lol


Awesome job on the composition, I really like the backgrounds