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Hyper Solenoid

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Use Left and Right to control your zombie.

Get to the top, hit the skull and make your highscore! Be the best!

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I enjoyed this so much! it is challenging but very adictive, also the sound and visuals are great. Good job.

Not bad but certainly needs some more control aspects to it.
There is a randomness factor you have to contend with and this can make you spin out of control faster then a Lamborghini on buttered ice roadways.
Some times i am trying my hardest being uber careful, when suddenly i hit something just slightly off, and now i am fanatically trying to gain control over my spinning blur of pixels.
Some times i can, but other times when i am in this pinball stage i have no idea where its gonna go and often it shoots straight down, other then that it just launches me into the side, which all are game overs.
It feels fun, but the movement needs to be tweaked and for some way to recover if you get punted and plummet toward the bottom at MK III.
Needs more verity as well i can imagine this could get boring over time as you claw to the top with hundreds of lower then 20 scores then actually get higher due to luck.

jupitron responds:

Hi! Thanks for your feedback.

Small taps help a lot to control your avatar, please try that.

Hyper Solenoid its not perfect ,of course, im aware when you enter that pinball stage you have no more control over your avatar but usually that is due to getting in some place full of enemies or jumping too confident and losing control, thats my experience but as you see there are some high scores, people figured it out someway, anyway, Ill try to improve it to make it easier to control though im very happy with how it controls, bouncing really needs improvement.

Its just a simple game, it sucks to get better by losing over and over again but there are some players like me that like to master a skill-based game like this one that way, you eventually get better and get a higher score.

Its awesome to me that besides every flaw that you discover you found Hyper Solenoid fun, sometimes its easier to say a game is pure crap but I can see that you could see through it.

Thanks again and I hope to hear more from you!

This game is totally crazy and so fun !
It makes me laugh so much when i see my zombie rotating and be totally uncontrollable.
Chance, frustration and skills. A good game.

Nevertheless a detail : a Newgrounds leaderboard could be better than this one.

jupitron responds:

Thanks a lot! I tried to implement a newgrounds leaderboard but couldnt do it.

Im so glad you enjoyed it!

This game is ridiculously difficult.

jupitron responds:

Hi! Did you try to make little taps to have more control? Its a great technique so you can enjoy the game. Please, give it a try and sorry if you didnt enjoyed the game, originally was much harder.


Credits & Info

4.59 / 5.00

May 22, 2014
11:46 AM EDT

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