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A look into the struggling life of an indie game developer.

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My first submission to Newgrounds since 2003, marking my long awaited return to the portal and my first entry to NATA.

NATA 2014

Ever wonder what it's like to be an Indie Game Developer? Patcoola explores that.

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ah, some dark humor~
but quite poignant!
(Spoiler-ish comment below~)

moral of story: when crossing the street, stop thinking about your WIP game and pay attention! ;)

Patcoola responds:

he had the right of way, the sign said walk after all ;)

A dream on black and white? man those are so rare! (nowadays at least).

Patcoola responds:

rare in film or in person, sometimes in moments in extreme stress and the lack of ability to see details or remember dreams, we think we dream in black and white. In film we may tint or blur a dream, but I wanted a film festival indie movie look.

This movie was very well made!

Patcoola responds:

thank you

welcome back! Good choice of black and white, did you think to add some depressing music during the taping part? dunno if it might help or not. It works because I got a real depressing feeling from it.

Patcoola responds:

No music was added to the taping part because the taping was considered a live event, maybe should of added some people talking in the background though.

Sorry you felt depressed, the movie does touch on a very real reality for some people.

Made me sad =(
i love it

Patcoola responds:

It's certainly a change from what you normally see on Newgrounds, right.

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2.40 / 5.00

May 22, 2014
4:54 AM EDT