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Car 166 [Visual Novel]

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Author Comments

Note; This is a kinetic novel, so there's no actual gameplay. Simply click your mouse to progress through the story.

Headphones + high volume + dimmed lights is recommended.


This is a kinetic visual novel based on the London 7/7 bombings, from the perspective of home grown terrorist Germaine Lindsay.

The story uses a few creative licenses, such as the change of weather and obviously the semi-spiritual sequence at the end.

I actually wrote this story for an assignment back in high school. It got a pretty good mark so I thought it'd be cool to add some visual and audio elements to it.


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I like the style, the motions with certain backgrounds, the ambiance of it all... until it all takes that twist. Damn. Dark as often seems to be the case with these games...

I wish there was more of a sense of control with it, that you could at least steer the pace of the messages and how you progress, but it's not a bad novel. Not a bad way of presenting it either. Bad end, but not bad.


Very gloomy music, I enjoyed the bleak background to go with it. Great sound effects used, fantastic background design as well as very intricate details on the artwork. The movements in game were pretty cool, especially with how fluid they were as I barely see that in visual novels. The character design was REALLY realistic. That certainly was a pragmatic scenario. You have specific phrasing, although you may want to change it up a bit. For example, you described the umbrella as "grey" and shortly after used the same phrasing for the stone pavement. You could've described the density of pavement, the holes, the cleanliness, the feeling of standing on it, the things surrounding it, stuff like that instead of being redundant. You could also have an in-game cursor as it was difficult to see where my mouse was playing. I didn't read the description until the end and..I'm pretty impressed overall.

Damn Lindsay...

Not a game

I think this would have been better had it been a Choose Your Own Adventure with multiple "correct" endings, as well as "incorrect" ones.

For example, I think that on one path of choices Lindsay could have discovered that Visor Consultants were running emergency response drills at the exact same times, at the exact same locations, with the exact same scenarios; and the probability of this being an actual coincident would be 1 in 3.7 x 10(48th power), which is more than all the grains of sand in the entire world.

Just a thought.

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

May 21, 2014
4:43 AM EDT