Escape Tank 300

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this game contains 3 identical levels but each level has a different speed
get to 300 points before the end of level 3 to complete the game
,sounds easy right?..........

this was literally the first game i ever made , so its not great but im proud of it


I wouldn't say this game is a bad game, but I definitely wouldn't say it's the best game I ever played. For one thing the music is unfitting, and if you do beat the game shouldn't you get a medal for it? Ars68 pretty much summed up the problems with this game, and I do agree with his suggestions. This game is fun to play, but this does have a lot of flaws that could've been fixed. By the way if you do try to make another game, I would add medals, good and fitting music, cool story, fun gameplay, and make it hard but not to hard.

A-trongames responds:

thanks for the feedback im gonna get started on a new game asap

it's a good concept completely ruined by several things.
1: your 'target behind you' that you throw at us first is ridiculously luck based to even hit.
2: the shots are feel completely underpowered, especially since it takes 4-5 hits to kill a -single- red square
3: your score resets to 0 everytime you die, including the score you got on previous levels. this means if you die, even once, at all on the 3rd level, it makes the game completely unwinnable and you may as well reset.

my recommendation:
1: get rid of that button, or make it easier to hit.
2: have it keep your score from previous levels, but increase required score to win to 450, -or- reduce score based on number of deaths, not reset completely (but score in that level obviously would reset)

as it stands now... it is hard, but in all the wrong ways.

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A-trongames responds:

ill take on board everything you said , but as i said this was the first game i ever made so there was bound to be problems , but i am re working it and i like alot what you said , and ill be sure to add in some of the things you said
thanks for playing tho

Fun game, pretty hard to be honest! The music can get a bit repetitive, but it wasn't too bothersome - at least it seems to fit with the game's tempo. Too bad there aren't more levels, but I really like the concept. Perhaps if you were to redo this you might want to
a) add more/different music, perhaps different music for each level?
b) more levels
c) the tank gun should probably rotate in the direction of the mouse, would definitely look better

A-trongames responds:

i have been thinking about re doing it , thanks for the ideas and thanks for playing

This game was so damn hard.

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2.92 / 5.00

May 19, 2014
6:21 PM EDT
Skill - Other