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Aggro Gold!

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Get gold, get score, survive! Press the Green Play button to start!

The loot portal has to be close to the gold coins to collect them.

Press the green buttons or the SPACEBAR to teleport your portal to another location randomly on the playfield.

Press RETURN/ENTER or the Play Button to begin game or retry.

Try to time your bounce well before teleporting.

You can now download and install the ad-free, malware/spyware-free, tracking/nagging notification-free Android apk for FREE off my website, here: http://www.josephhatcher.com/portfolio.htm

I made this game based on my older designs and put them together just for fun. I wanted it to be easy to play and get into like Super Meat Boy and Flappy Bird, and equally as frustrating. ;)

I created everything you see and hear, in about 24 hours.

Tools used:
Clickteam Fusion 2.0 (Android version of Aggro Gold! coming later, and also a Fusion 2.5 HTML5 version too)
Paint Shop Pro
MS Paint

-- Updated May 19, 2014 - Clearer instructions on the splash screen.

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While the gameplay is very creative and I have never seen it before, but besides that this game isn't very good. When you are trying to teleport you can sometimes land in the spike, so I would suggest controlling where you can teleport, there should be music, and this is just a nitpick, but the art design doesn't look real good to me, but again this is just a nitpick. This game could've been good, but there is too many flaws to not make it a game I would ever play again.

technomantics responds:

We tried it with music, and it got too distracting. If you could control where it teleports to, then it is way too easy. The vortex can teleport you into the spikes if you do not time it to when most of the spikes are off the screen some. It can test you and frustrate you. Thank you for taking the time to check it out! 8)

i like the concept, though i do wonder if the teleportation destination is random?
(it wouldn't be too surprising, as the teleporatation in Spelunky is random within a controlled direction & range)
the art-style seems to lack a degree of polish, but considering that this was completed in a 24hr gam-jam, it works. the visuals are functional, to say the least.

the fun factor is there (i was addicted for a few go's), but it'd be cool to see a more visually polished version sometime. happy gaming! >[:D

technomantics responds:

Thanks for checking it out and for your feedback! :)

it's okay but need's a lot of work like something to tell you where you will be teleported to next and some better sprites but i see hope for it as an app

technomantics responds:

It was too easy if "next location" was shown. Try waiting until the last second before the portal hits a spike to teleport.

Did you try playing with the spacebar instead of the on screen button? It is more responsive on PC/Mac browsers that way.

Once you get in the zone, and the spikes aren't being jerks, double digit scores are obtainable.

Most of the graphics are 3d sculpted models turned into 2d sprites.

Thanks a bunch for checking it out, and for your feedback! 8)