The Worm

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Move with arrow keys and collect stuffs from ground. You can not collide with border or itself.


this is a fun game, but the controls fell a little iffy.
but one question, why is this cauterized under simulation-dating?

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Graphically it's ok at best. Some more work could be done here, and it's especially needed for the fonts. The fonts you are using are extremely ugly in any game, and these are one of the most certain ways to quickly see if a game is worth playing or not.

There's no sound, but I guess this game doesn't really need it anyway.

To the gameplay then. Controls feels a bit sluggish, but overall it's a descent Snake clone, but the biggest problem with this game is that there's absolutely nothing that makes me wanna play this game instead of any other Snake clone. There's nothing new or interesting at all.

I guess this is one of your first games, if not the first, but when i judge this i compare it to the other games here, and well, your game can't stand up to the competition. Better luck next time.

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ReptileSVK responds:

this is my 3rd game and i was try write code for moving cells and if i can see code is good :D Of course, graphic is terrible and smoothness moving also. It is a pity, that scoreboard is missing, but options without mochi are weak. This game is fast and therefore is good playable in break for example at work. :D

decent game. moving can be a bit annoying, and the sensitivity is very high. i would rather play regular snake.

This game is okay, there is a little bit of bugs though, like if you get the yellow pellet the game can take a few seconds to load. However, it's a little bit creative that you put in pellets that can give you 10 cells, and you didn't just call it Snake. But there should have been medals for replay value, music, and more creativity. Again this isn't bad, but it could've been a lot better.

ReptileSVK responds:

yellow pellet has random time spawn and there is not load time.

Your average snake game, but there are some issues that I need to bring up. The controls will go straight down or to the side sometimes. Fix the controls maybe add some music/sound effects and maybe get some interesting sprites and a cool background. I really like the idea of some dots making you bigger than others, but with 10 you get to big to quickly this can be seen as a good and bad thing it's good because it makes the game have more depth because you get so big that you get into a constant battle against yourself since your so big. It's a bad thing because there is no tension in the game-play with other snake games when there is a piece by the edge you become really scared to go get it, but in your snake game the controls are a little to tight making them really easy to grab maybe you could add a .10 second delay or something, in addition you can get back to how big you were in like a minute so there is no sense of progress and you don't feel like your getting better I think if you tone down the amount you grow and fix the controls the game would be a fun snake game.

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ReptileSVK responds:

I can not see any bugs. Everything works fine.

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2.17 / 5.00

May 18, 2014
6:27 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating