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Solenoid is a simple highscore-driven game, master your physics zombie char and be the best!

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I have tried a few of Jupitrons games, and I must say, this is actually weirdly addictive.

If you get around Jupitrons logic, its quite fun!

I can see how someone can get a high score in this- namely, u must jump on top of the enemies head DIRECTLY IN THE MIDDLE. If successful, you will progressively jump higher and higher. This is def possible if you jump on the green enemies, but harder on the floating shoalin monk enemies as they move slightly faster and don't have a lot of flat space on their heads.

If you want to get a really high score, you need to be semi-perfect and KNOW THE PHYSICS OF THE GAME. I got 23 after a few goes, but stopped shortly after.

I love these games. They are actually well made and designed and simplistic, yet addictive and hard!

I would...liken your game to 'dark souls' of the new ground worlds. It is hard, but once you get it, it becomes quite fun!

However, I reckon a bit of background music would of been quite good!

As always, great job Jupitron!

More more! :D

It also reminds me of that classic mario game where you jump on heads to get higher and higher. Another classic nintendo game that has the same feel is 'Climber'. There are others, but this is a much better version. Maybe a few more layers would of been good but heck, its good enough! :D

ps- i reckon you should make a long game which is hard, but as good, like your other game, 'otherworld', which I think is greatly misunderstood!



jupitron responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot!

Solenoid has background music, its weird that you cant hear it.

Its awesome how you get it, I cant believe it. Solenoid came from the idea of Super Mario World combos, I know its not the same but the idea of jumping over several enemies without touching the ground is the base of Solenoid. In that way is similar to SMW.

I wonder which is "Jupitrons logic", please explain that to me with a PM please!

For me it was awesome that you really enjoyed Otherworld, if other people didnt like it for me its ok, Im trying to improve and I really hope you like my future games, as I told you, making games for gamers like you is a joy, not everyone stops to dedicate some warm words that give me an awesome feeling and makes me keep making better games.
BTW I hope you got one of the Otherworld prizes ;).

I try to make games as they came to my mind, Im not planning anything just enjoying the process of learning, I also would like to make a long game but Im not forcing it.

Again, thanks a lot for your words, means a lot!

Man this was hard. Just didn't have the stamina for it, but i guess others might. I do like the simple idea and great, although somewhat furstrating, physics.

Good work :-)

jupitron responds:

Hi Ondepalle! Its nice to me that you can appreciate the game besides finding it hard, it was thought that way so i didnt want to make it easier just because. If you like a tip, try making little "taps" (Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap Tap Taparoo haha) and see if you can make a higher score, thats my strategy, i dont know if someone figured it out some other way.

Thanks a lot for your warm words, means a lot, really.

I do like the game but it gets boring probably because it's not my type of game but overall good job!

jupitron responds:

Thanks NuclearGrounds! I know what you mean, its awesome to me that besides not being your type of game you took the time to write some words. Hopefully I´ll add some other aspects to make the game longer (in that fun part) and improve it.

Thanks again for your words!

This game is super hard, but super fun. It's one of those games that's addicting purely because of how frustrating it is. Nice work!

jupitron responds:

Thanks a lot, im very glad you enjoyed it! That´s why I make games!

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1.34 / 5.00

May 17, 2014
10:00 PM EDT