A Sad Robot Factory

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In the year 2030 the old robots are left in charge of our present day factories. In a time where old machines are obsolete,only the most efficient remain.The ones who do not excel in their work are destroyed.

Help Elecktrotin move and stack boxes,so he will not become a metallic residue. Beware of other robots who will try to stop him to save themselves.

Disclaimer: this game is still under development.

MAY 19: clarified goals and tips for each stage
MAY 18: you can now select the level to play

Level "Move"
GOAL: move 4 boxes from the truck to the conveyor belt
TIP: search for power ups to gain time, speed and boxes

Move: arrow keys ( right , up and left)
Use power ups: space bar

Level "Stack"
GOAL: Stack 6 boxes.
TIP: You will have to use the small robots as barriers in order to reach the goal

Move: arrow keys ( right , up, down and left)
Select left robot: z key
Select rigth robot: x key
Release box: space bar

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interesting game, great gfx!

it this game even winnable? you can't jump high enough to get past the hammerbot.

romualdos responds:

Hello 2Dozen. It is a bit tricky but you can jump the robot.

The art and music is OK, but not great. The spelling needs work. The options button on the opening screen didn't work. The enemy behaviors are awkward. It could really use a tutorial, and some complexity beyond the basic run and jump mechanic wouldn't hurt.

if this is your first game, than this is still pretty good for a first run.

romualdos responds:

Hell10n thank you very much for try. We’ll keep in mind your comments

Its actually funny, Its awesome how you created diferent animations for the robot to get hurt, I also like how it leans when you change direction. I have been trying to archieve those effects on C2, you should make a post someday on how to do that.

romualdos responds:

Hazneliel, great to see a fellow game maker posting comment! Yeah, our “main animator” put a lot of work on those animations. We will make a post for sure and let you know, with that as you mentioned. Need to have first a web page of our own up :)

For me, this game has non-sense difficulty. I've done my best for trying to finish one time each level. But i didn't succeed. Your game has all for being a great game : great music, funny graphics and animations. But game constraints are too much restrictive.

I will not talk about "Move" level because it's hard, but if I had more patience, I could finish this level.
Now, "Stack" level isn't winnable. You have 4 constraints : rope movement, turret shots, robot moving and box counter ! When one of these constraints disturb you, you have to reset the level ! And it's very hard when you have 5 boxes stacked to not being shot by the turret. So you reset and reset again.
In my opinion, the box counter can be dropped. Because with that, your game is unplayable.

And for finishing this review : i didn't find the "pause" button, the "go back to main menu" button and the "retry level" button. It can be good if you add them ;)

romualdos responds:

grandbrinus, you give us high hopes, we put a lot of work on this game, making absolutely all from scratch, with no previous knowledge at gamemaking other than a few little experiments!
And this is the first time anyone notices in particular the music, glad you like it as well besides the graphics and animations :)
We know it´s a very difficult game, so we’ll try to modify some things for future versions. Thanks for checking out our game!

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3.13 / 5.00

May 17, 2014
7:36 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other