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This is a direct response to all of the hoopla about the cross found at the WTC site. One of 100,000.

This toon is designed to assist one in thinking critically about this.

This is the fourth toon my partner Buck Cash and I have created.

If you enjoyed this one, check out the others.


The Infidel Guy


Yay for the letter H

Thanks to Jesus H that hunk of metal was saved! Great flik!. Anyone who has a problem with this needs to lighten up and get a life. For all those Religious freaks who have a problem with this and think the creator is just sick for making fun of the WTC incident and religion: You are Blind, anything that happens in life is God's will correct? SO LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER IT FOOLS, if you have to bitch about something in life then thats Blasphemy(i think i spelled that wrong) because your bitching against the Will of God fool! God intended WTC to fall for some reason, so get on with your lives. [This is all meant in theory that there is actually a God/jesus/Creator/whatever]

anyway good flash!

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dude, that was fucking great.

that was fucking awesome and anyone who says otherwise can suck my cock

Truthful & Thought Provoking

This film is under-rated because of it's controversial content. It seems that there is a Christian Talaban in this country that works overtime to hush the voices of those that do share their beliefs. This film was made with the intent to question your beliefs. At the end it asks you to discuss it with them and gives you a link to their message boards to do just that. If you have the proof of God's existance, please click the link & share the proof with them instead of leaving negative reviews and comments here. I thought this movie was original, thought provoking and quite humorous. Rate it on it's technical merits and not based on your prejudices against those that don't share your beliefs. That is why 9-11 happened. People lashed out against a country who did not impose Islam on it's citizens.
If you find yourself lashing out against athiests, you are no better than the terrorists that destroyed buildings, and lives in the name of their religious beliefs.


That's exactly how I try to explain that to people, but they never get it.

I find myself feeling pleasently disturbed

Good job. Pretty stupid, but interesting. Keep it up.

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Sep 17, 2002
11:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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