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Author Comments

Run over 10 levels on this frenetic game!!! Collect clocks to win more time (you'll need it) and avoid all the enemies to arrive to the goal-door. The game includes a fast button to control the speed of the levels if do you want even more, switch it to the fast mode and play the double of fast.


Ok- i took the time to play this, and will say this:

Your idea, which is to 'run over 10 levels on this frenetic game' is a good one-unfortunately, you have failed to make the game fun. Let me elaborate...

1) Having all the levels painted red is...a bad idea. Red and black paint can be used to make a game, but they are reserved normally for horror games etc, and even then, you must have something special to pull it off, i.e., better drawn characters, using the colour for a mood. This is just lack of colour.

2) Characters are slightly mis-drawn and not well developed. A square with 2 legs is fine, but you needed a bit more development on him. If not, you could of coloured the main player so that he was say..vibrant!

The variance of enemies was not bad. First level you had running square blocks, level 2 introduced the bomb enemies, then you have the 3rd type which is a spirit like ghost thing. Again, if you had added a bit of different colours, say, black and white for bombs, yellow/ green for ghosts, you would of had a game that was at LEAST easy on the eyes.

3)Glitches. I do not know if you are aware of this, but the first level is VIRTUALLY impossible UNLESS you have that platform mentality where every jump is precise and every jump is TIMED. However, having said that, there were times where I would make a jump, then my main character would suddenly be walking on an 'invisible' (GLITCH) platform which would momentarily startle/ make the player just stand in mid air for a split second. You need to make amends to that! Weirdly enough, it actually saved me a few times, but its a glitch. Sort it out!

4) Background- is bland and red. A variance to the background would ALSO be easy on the eyes.

5) No background music

6)The 'jump' sound that is made disappeared totally once I bashed the 'up' key continuously..glitch 2.

7) Glitch 3- if I press jump too much, the game begins to stutter, i.e., like watching frame rates.

8) You said there were 10 levels, I finished level 5 on slow mode, and I saw no more levels. Did you mean 5 levels which you could play on slow and fast,or did you mean 10 stand alone levels? Or is this another glitch? Please be clearer!

Now brainstorm18, I assume that you are just starting to do submissions and having tried a few, they are not bad. BUT you need to test your games BEFORE you upload them..Questions I would ask myself:

-Is this playable?
-Have I ironed out all the glitches in this game?
-can I do more?
-Will this be fun for my target audience?

Now, other than the silly comments and reviews you will get from time to time, (not on here btw, but I've read a couple of crass ones), what you need to do is now use what we have all said and re-load a better game. It may take you a few hours, weeks, months...but then you will finally have a game WORTHY of MORE STARS. I will say this, I think your ideas are on the right track. HOWEVER...you need to implement them BETTER before you submit them.

I'm sure you will get there, but for now, and for this game, a solid 2 stars. It is not the worst I've played, but definitely below average.

'An old child's memories' is substantially better than this...and if you can make that, you can definitely brush up and make a better game. Now go and prove us critics wrong! Make your ideas PLAYABLE AND FUN!

Good luck!


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brainstorm18 responds:

Thank you for your very positive review!!!!!
About the 5 levels, you can move map view with the arrow keys, if you do that you will see the rest of the levels. I don't know any bomb enemies (may you refer to the flying enemies).

This is just bad. That 11 year old comment isn't true. It looks like a 5 year old made this in powerpoint. The controls are bad and the time limit is bad. This game has no redeeming qualities.

It seemed very mario themed, and the concept seems sort of interesting. Though as DarkBowser said, it's really boring. The design is similar to mario, though poorly presented in terms of enemies and background. The jump sound gets old after a few jumps and no frantic music makes it a very dull game. But again, the concept has potential, running though a level at high speed and only having 20 seconds on the clock sounds awesome in theory. But the delivery was pretty poor.

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Credits & Info

1.60 / 5.00

May 17, 2014
2:48 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop