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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Dark Sauce Part 2

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Special thanks to VaatiVidya https://www.youtube.com/user/VaatiVidya for lending his voice and being a God amongst the Dark Souls community. And to my friend Paige Einstein for lending her voice for Gwynevere's background banter.

Voices, animation, song writing and artwork by Arin Scalfo (me)
All characters, music and rights to the Dark Souls series belong to Bandai Namco and From Software.

Other music used: Ren and Stimpy Production Music and Kevin Macleod.

The riveting sequel to the original Dark Souls parody, Dark Sauce. Just in time for Dark Souls 2, ehhhh?

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6 years later i come and see this. Well i got to say that this video has aged like a good wine.
All hail dark souls, the game where you die a lot and fight menacing bosses.

Rule number 1 of Dark Souls: NEVER say anything is "simple" in the game, it knows what you think and will destroy specifically 5 seconds after you say that.

wow, a great sequel to your ''dark sauce'' parody, and a nice follow up on what happened after you speak with fraampt the kingseeker.
i loved your great adventures, i liked the awesome narrative by VaatiVidya, once again, and i liked the moments were you showed the creepy fraampt doing evil things, lol, that scene was hillarious! haha!
also i loved the great battle of you with solaire VS ornstein and smough... greatly drawn, nicely designed, and greatly animated... you rock!
also the ending where (SPOILERS SPOILERS the moment where you met gwynevere in her room and she's huge and sexy, and you sang a ledegary song, and your knight accidentally killed her, (since 1 hit can kill her), and then the city of annor londo transformed into a night-city, and the real monsters would appear more often... because she was an illusion)

so, overall, it was a great movie once again, funny, cool, and nicely showing the troubles of a gamer playing a hard game like dark souls.
good work!

do more!

Pokemon/Team Rocket reference hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

from 2:00 to 2:34 i was laughing nonstop.