Lexi Meets a Cat

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A short storybook about Lexi the bird meeting a fat orange cat, written in your choice of Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. All vocabulary is clickable with definitions and can optionally be exported to a Lexikeet.com learning account.

The development team at Lexikeet.com are longtime fans of Newgrounds and helped develop several 4 star games here (ex. Nephi's Adventure 2, DigiWoog Disaster, BoM Beat Battle). Help us keep our day jobs by proving people can learn language better through games!

- Charming story
- Fully interactive text
- Full story in Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish
- Every word is clickable with English definitions
- Can switch between Asian characters and romaji/pinyin for Japanese and Chinese
- English text translations are also available (click the <=> button at the bottom of the page)
- Test your knowledge or see what these languages are all about
- Check us out at www.lexikeet.com!

(Edit - 2014/06/10) Thanks for front paging us, Newgrounds! We love you!

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this is interesting, and i just wanted to say a few things, for those who are learning to read Japanese, and even write it, it would really help beginners if you put furigana for the kanji, so that we don't have to click on the kanji to understand or read it, and as helpful as it is, it would be a great way to learn kanji, how to read it, and or write it.

you should also set levels for people who are trying to learn or who are studying japanese, like: super beginning, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. if you are going to be making more and putting them up on new grounds in the future.
but either way for those who have been studying, it would also be nice to see a choice of not just kanji but hiragana. we can still learn the words, but it would help for those who are trying to learn to read in Japanese. the more that you read, the easier it comes right?

i feel like this would be a good learning agent for those who want to learn or who are studying Japanese.
also the topic of the story is a good start for beginners of any level.

please continue to put out these games, i would love to see how much you would expand upon in your content.

4 1/2 stars for something that was constructive, and simple, the missing half is for not a lot of variety in reading, not good for beginners, and also i want to mention that romaji is not a good way to start, but to have hiragana, for those who have studied it, for the words instead of romaji, it would make getting into learning Japanese more of a study and learning tool than romaji.

because i feel that romaji is a little lazy and it wont make someone want to learn to write, or read, Japanese.
either way, very good and a great way to study kanji, but needs romaji to be taken away from the the learning experience.

Thank You so much! I joined yesterday. I've been struggling, trying to find a website that could help me to learn Japanese, and now it seems I've found the right one for me. Thanks again, Lexikeet! :)

lexikeet responds:

We're glad to help! If you're looking for additional ideas on how to use Lexikeet in your Japanese study, check out our partner site JapaneseGameGuy.com for Japanese video game translations and vocabulary adding. Good luck!

Awesome! This got me to join Lexikeet! Thank you for introducing me to this lovely way to learn languages!

lexikeet responds:

Awesome, we look forward to hearing how your learning is going!

I need this game with German language. I think it will be good training. Like Rosetta Stone and other programms. Five stars.

lexikeet responds:

Hopefully we'll get the chance to add German someday!

Nice idea but i think it could be a little much for some one who know nothink about a language.
Better first to start to learn single words and then start with whole clauses.
but overall very good with the speaked text you can hear.
oh i see every single word is clickable with definition that change everythink NICE JOB

lexikeet responds:


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May 15, 2014
2:56 PM EDT
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