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Worms Flipbook

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This is my first try on making a flipbook animation. Next time I will add more frames. But it is really difficult though..

Oh and I see the video plays sideways.. Sorry for that. :(

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DoodlingHitman responds:

You can't be serious. It's shit.

Thanks though. :]


DoodlingHitman responds:

Wow, never expected to get a comment on this, lol.

Thanks! But to me it's a piece of crap honestly.. xD

it's short but Good

DoodlingHitman responds:

Thanks. But as been said before I need to work on a faster framerate and add more panels. :p

But that'll be for another time. :3

I know the animation is short, but try to flip the pages faster, so that it really looks like an animation.
I can see that you're a good artist. Keep it up.

DoodlingHitman responds:

Thanks a lot! I tried to record me flipping the pages faster several times, but I just couldn't do better than this. Otherwise I'd skip like 4 or 5 pages. And it only has 21 pages. :p

I will do it differently instead next time by scanning the drawings and make an animation out of them on the pc. :)

You may be better off scanning the drawings individually and setting them on short frames in a video editior.

DoodlingHitman responds:

I'll make sure to do that whenever I finish my 2nd flipbook animation. Flipping pages is annoyingly hard! xD