Amazon Island

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Our hero is young spanish sailor. His ship got into a terrible storm and ran aground on the shore of the unknown island. He has been captured by two sexy amazons hungry for hard cock.

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That fight is annoying more than anything and the rapid clicking means you don't get to enjoy something as much because you're focusing on clicking, should have cum inside at the end.

Like the battle between two sexy ladies. Also like the theme (menu) song... sounds so relaxing.


Well... Many years later after i look into those games i feel really bored.

Back in 2011 etc. MeetNFuck Games, Game of Desire was looking really epic to me. Animations etc.

But now i feel really lied. You guys were fighting for ''premium users'' with your demo games. And keep making all the stuf again and again. And its not even HOT. I am saying all of this beacuse its not about this game, its about all of your games. All of them looks like their a own copies. Now there are many people making Adult games for free and not with bad content. This is why they are getting lot of money in Patreon - Kickstarter.

But, the most amazing game that you guys ever did was Magic Book trilogy. That was a cool one.

Other than that, this is all looking same.

p.s: i was a member of meet n fuck back in 2012

Much better like the other part ... Amazon Island 2 (because it is so simple). Nothing more to do as a short fight between the two ladies here and the rest is sexual entertainment.

Unfortunately, the difference to the other game here with same name is also the great point for critical comments. First of all, 2 women, but, 1 - 1 the same sex scene.

That is naturally not good, why the player can choose a lady and all is absolutely identical ? And yes, a little bit more storyline would be better, in your other - part two - you was making that. But, there it give mostly a great chase, hit and run tactic etc.

Here, the only real funny and original idea is, equally with what for a lady the player has first sex and choose for the catfight, he can attack (taking full control) with both.

So only 4 stars for it, nevertheless good is above all, the women here are really sweet. But only in faces and hair color. Even her bodies are same. Short game, is okay.

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3.80 / 5.00

May 9, 2014
2:30 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating