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Paint land

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A colorfully frantic tactical game with amazing graphics and quick decision making. You must guide your multicolored paint through 15 levels, while avoiding traps and battling armies of black paint. Move fast or you’ll be swallowed by the black void!

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Amazing Game Love The Music Totally Deserve's 5 Star's It's In My Favorite's

komizart responds:

Thank you ^____^

I love this game. The simplicity, music, and aesthetic mix and match - all the while you are actually balancing a run-and-capture act. Its not harsh on the player to reach the goal and the "scroll stop stage" was a very nifty design decision. So the capturing has 2 phases. Kudos for a rather simple but smart game.

Great game and I LOVE the music for the game. 5/5 great game
Only thing that could be added is achievements

great old fashoned game, i love the Daft Punk like music too (download?)

komizart responds:

Thanks man. You can download music here http://www.maf464.com/

I really enjoy the game play mechanic. At first ready to think it was just another counting game to capture bases, I quickly enjoyed the scrolling and fast puzzling mechanic. It needs some basics introduced still though. I have had two issues with the scoring system so far:
1) I played through level 3 and hit all white capsules on the way to the end, turning them blue, and completed the fill count at the end. But I was given no stars for score and had to replay the level as number 4 did not unlock.
2) I played level 4 and was scored for 1 of 3 stars, unlocking level 5, but I don't know why I was scored so low. I again captured all white paint capsules on my way to the end of the board and stayed back to destroy all black capsules at the end before completing the fill count.

komizart responds:

The faster you go through the final battle, the more stars will get at the end of the level