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#Escape: The Waiting Room

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Are you ready for the first in the series of How I Escaped? Great! Then your first room will be the Waiting Room. Forget all the arbitrary room escape games you've been playing, you're dealing with the big dogs now. Point and click through your surroundings to find clues which will not only help you escape the room but discover the story as to why you are there too! If you manage to escape from this room, you'll be good as gold to escape from a room in real life.

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Now that the games been out for a while, here's the walkthrough (I made these ages ago).


Please check out trailer!

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Nice drawings

Aprime responds:


not a bad game , also, the guy sounds like Randy Marsh lol :p

Aprime responds:

I hope not! >_<

Shockwave Flash crashes every single time i try to load this game its tragic really

nvm for some reason its working perfectly now

its actually a really good game i didn't manage to find all the secrets but i'm sure i'll find them eventually

found them all eventually

Aprime responds:

that's nothing to do with the game...
have you tried using Newgrounds flash player?

Not bad. I actually think the side bars hurt more then they help though. In most of these games, they're supremely useful, but in a short one like this, they just kept getting in the way more than helping when I was trying to make things speedy (after I accidentally found them doing the same, I might add).

Last couple of medals (Immature, Nag) eluded me for a while. Like for the first, started with entering... nasty stuff in the Name Entry. Took me several second to realize, not the way to go. Still, perhaps not the most obvious stuff, or else maybe I'm just too "stupid" to think of drawing dirty crap with my calc, etc, right off the bat. Anyway....

Did appreciate some of the "real" humour of the game. The staff names were good. Still trying to figure out if Oksana is s'posed to be similar to Lwaxana, or maybe that's a stretch and it's just simple gag. Whatever. I got a good laugh out of Wai Yuen anyway. That's pretty bad. I'm going to hell too, I guess. Thanks. ...oh, and for the meds too. ;)

How I Escape The Room ?

I Dont Know

Aprime responds: