The Kraken!

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1k 5 Points

Reach 1,000 ft

Participation 5 Points

Participate in the leaderboards!

Buy Upgrade 10 Points

Buy an Upgrade

Ocean Color 10 Points

Unlock a new Ocean Color

Survive Kraken 10 Points

Survive a Kraken Encounter

Time 10 Points

Manipulate Time

Unlock Pirate 10 Points

Unlock your first Pirate

Unlock Sail 10 Points

Unlock a Sail

Unlock Song 10 Points

Unlock a New Song

Unlock Vessel 10 Points

Unlock your first Vessel

10k 25 Points

Reach 10,000 ft

50k 0 Points

Reach 50,000 ft

Free Play 50 Points

Unlock Free Play Mode

100k 0 Points

Reach 100,000 ft

Author Comments

You stole D. Jones treasure, he has sent THE KRAKEN to retrieve it!

My first game.
Physics intensive, might not run on older computers.

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I am not able to gather coins !! Idk if its cause I die to quickly or what how do I get coins

I'm just completely lost on what to do here.

Am I suppose to keep going up? Avoid the Kraken? The controls are a nuisance and ruins the fun.

I tried, I really did, but the controls are just too broken. Even staying at the top of the screen if I have to drop a little to avoid the Kraken's ink, even if I just release W for a fraction of a second, I drop all the way out of bounds before it can pick up enough speed to regain height. I like the concept, but there's so absolutely little you can do to avoid the thing without just getting lucky, the ship spins like crazy and the speed for your rate of height control is just too difficult work with. I really want to like this, please do a little tweaking. I've gained a total of about a dozen coins and I'm just too frustrated to keep going.

Such a challenging game - just wish the graphics and music were much better, and the powerups and orbs were actually useful... and the game was um, ?better?? OK, I'm going to have to explain.

OK, so sometimes the orbs are useful - but in general they are annoying, because they usually upset the flow of play (i.e. they do not make life any easier). No wind is a pain because it affects the Kraken's water jet too (but the wind is still blowing - so when the powerup times out, water goes everywhere creating chaos). Not sure what No Kraken does. And low gravity is both a blessing and a curse because suddenly it is far too easy to fly off the top of the screen. Probably my single biggest gripe is the ability to fly off the top of screen - I thought we were meant to FLY AWAY!

Yeah, it takes a while to master - and a single unlucky hit from the Kraken to bring Kratos in his basic golden ship with pink sails crashing down. Actually, stupid Kratos was knocked off the ship by a jet of water from the Kraken!! The jet went straight through the ship (barely an effect on the ship) and next thing I knew I could see Kratos falling!

Its very frustrating that this could occur - and it is definitely the second time I remember it occurring! At least this time it let me post my awesome score.

Also 25 ft/s is really slow - do you really expect players to sit around for 67 minutes to get to 100000 ft? I'm sorry but you game is not THAT good (I was seriously bored by ~15000 ft).

I think the CONCEPT for the game is AWESOME five star goodness. Unfortunately the game itself needs a bit more thought and polish.

Remove the upper screen limit - once the boat reaches top vertical speed, the window should just track with the boat (with the boat ~ 3/4 up the window). Remove the bottom screen limit - as the boat falls the window should track with the boat (with the boat just off the bottom of the screen). Then if the Kraken encounters the boat - then well, you know that the Kraken does to boats it can grab onto.

Need powerups like:
*Kraken cannon - fire projectiles at the Kraken!
*Cannon boost - fire you cannons for a burst of momentum in the opposite direction.
*Lash me to the mast - your captain is lashed to mast. No falling off today!

Need upgrades like (now I'm assuming you're using something similar to real physics):
*Top speed increase
*Acceleration increase

If 100000 ft is the goal, then a "layered" atmosphere might be a good idea (to stop it getting boring): you know like layers of pelicans, seagulls, and albatrosses (not too many layers - just a few to break up the boredom). You could even have Phileas Fogg have an unfortunate air incident.

As for graphics and music - technically if the gameplay was better, I'd forgive the music (just). Personally I would have chose a few epic tracks too. Graphics is tricky: it seems to be a mixed bag - a uniform style would help - personally I'd go for cute chibi drawings of EVERYTHING, but this is because I can't draw. I would love a detailed awesome Kraken though (well something more less comical and more terrifying than the flying squid would have been awesome).

Anyway - was there a previous version of this? I seem to remember one - you have improved it massively if I remember correctly. Anyway, I'm giving you four stars to encourage continued improvements!

this game sucks a littel

Credits & Info

1.69 / 5.00

May 7, 2014
3:42 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid