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High Scores

1. Plasmarift 84
2. KamiKhazii 67
3. DasSG 41
4. MrMart3666 35
5. Oxiver888 34
6. FfsJustLetMeRegister 32
7. flyingA 32
8. shortNstout 30
9. KingReaper7777 25
10. the-iron-bagel 19
11. MarcoBroRicci 18
12. Afcta 18
13. maeuela 17
14. wolftheman699361051 15
15. jwjduaj 14
16. ReturnToSenderFender 14
17. mxkingd 14
18. Toad12314 14
19. lilsumo 13
20. SusanCalvin 10

Author Comments

Game I made in a few hours for the LowRez Jam.

Try to keep the old man alive as long as you can.

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HEy look at that im in the 4 place :D

i love the game also it was uploaded on my bday .3.

Missing instruction:
You need to press that white button below that man fast (this is, what keeps him alive). Whenever an alarm starts, you have to pull down or push that lever right (if the red light is right) or press the yellow button (if left).
Good luck.

As for the game: Its cute and funny to watch, but its to short and as mentioned - explanation is missing.

I dont f understand... give some instructions...

For some reason I find this addictive. o.o There's not very much to say. It's a good little timewaster for a bit but it's not really a game game, and I really only kept playing to get high on the leaderboard. The sound effects are nice too. So solid 3.5.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

May 4, 2014
7:39 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other