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Beneath the Trolls

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Dash Master 5 Points

Dash more than 100 times

Greedy 5 Points

Collect more than 100 diamonds

Rocket Man 5 Points

Launch more than 20 rockets

Free 25 Points

Beat the game

Pacifist 25 Points

Complete levels 3-10 and 12-15 without killing enemies

Invincible 50 Points

Finish the game without dying

Author Comments

This is a post compo of my game for the Ludum Dare 29
You can play/rate the original here :

-= Description =-
You were captured by trolls and trapped beneath the surface.
Your goal will be to escape from that cavern and reach the surface.

-= Controls =-
Arrow keys / WASD : Move
Left click : Dash / Shoot
R : Reset the level
M : Mute

-= Music =-
The music is inspired from WarcraftII to have an atmosphere that suit my game (cavern/orc/troll)

-= Post Compo Modification =-
- Added a boss
- Added 2 levels
- Added medals and scoreboard
- Fixed some bugs
- Minor graphical changes

Enjoy & thanks for playing :)

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i was on level 18 then i turned off my computer for a few minutes now i need to start over again. Despite of that happening it´s an awesome game

2 weeks to finally get that last medal, 5 stars for weeks of fun from this pretty simple game.

I can't continue the level. I reached lvl 15 but when I tried to play it again, it's back to level 1

I quite literally beat this game with a sprained hand, meaning two fingers. There's no challenge at all. You can kill any enemy from anywhere on the map, and you have a dash attack that can save you from any fall. I found myself dying because I didn't care enough to stop and kill the enemies. It just felt like a complete grind, as there was no reward upon any action. There's no satisfaction in clearing a level because all of the levels are very easy. There's no satisfaction in advancing to the next level because it's just as easy and just the same as the last. There's no satisfaction in fighting the boss because there's no story and the boss is easy (the boss's attack pattern is based on time so if you rush it you can kill him before he uses advanced attacks). There's no satisfaction in beating the game because there's nothing to boast about. Can you say "Hooray, I have proven my skill!"? Can you say "Hooray, I witnessed the ending of this story!"? You can't. It's only 20 levels anyway. Total game time of 8 minutes.
Good graphics, music, and sound design. Everything else is immensely forgettable. It might have been better if you had lengthened the game and thereby created a meaningful difficulty as well as, you know, difficulty. In other words, it might have been better if you ignored the arbitrary time limit from Ludum Dare. It really seems like most NewGrounds games can be summed up by "It would have been great if it weren't for Ludum Dare".

It's an okay game. You really need to consider using only the keyboard or only the mouse though. Having to use both in the same game doesn't tend to work that well.