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A Butt In The Night

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Author Comments

PotatoClock is awaken by a nightly visitor... Who could it be? What does he want? Watch and find out!

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Butt is it art?


PotatoClock responds:

Butt is always art! Especially on the titanic

All we are, are butts in the wind.

PotatoClock responds:

we are all butts in a butt world

ARRRRR!!! This movie was ok!

PotatoClock responds:

I love you.

This is the greatest butt that I have ever butted!

PotatoClock responds:

A man who knows his butts is a man whom is my friend!

Knock knock motherfukce! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

I must say, that was the finest collections of asses I have ever asses. Too white for my tastes, though. Throw in a few brown bottoms for your old pal RadeshClawk.


PotatoClock responds:

I added in some of that lucious chocolaty booty just for you