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Drunk Cat In The Hat

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Whats Up NewGrounds!!! Put a lot more effort into the animation side of things this time around. Came out with something incredibly fun.

This is the second video in our BRAND NEW "College Storytime" series, My newest collab partner is the amazingly awesome Slugbooks (youtube.com/slugbooks) - we'll be working together to parody books that we all read as children. This is the second of the videos in the series, inspired by "The Cat In The Hat".

Episodes in the series will appear either on the SLUGBOOKS channel or the ITSALEXCLARK channel, so make sure you subscribe to BOTH! The Slugbooks channel has a huge selection of awesome animated videos so you should subscribe regardless.

To see episode #1 in the series just click here:
Everyone Pukes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt_kqgciIIg

http://www.slugbooks.com - compare textbook prices, save money, #MakeItRain

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Story: Pam Jaffe and Alex Clark
Writing: Alex Clark
Animating: Alex Clark
Moral Support: Pam Jaffe
Voice Acting: Alex Clark & Pam Jaffe
Music: All music comes from audionetwork.com

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Quality hahaha

Too many prims'll getcha every time.
hee hee

what a stupid, but funny ending!


The Cat in The Hat is one of my fondest literary memories, and Dr. Seuss one of few grand poetical idols, a genius with words - so this was awesome to see. The poetical narrative realls follows his style and flows well, and the plot twists hither and dither, hilarity never even wavering or starting to wither. Awesome work!