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Memory - CG animated film

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[High-quality version here: https://vimeo.com/93123596 ]

A story about a man who loses his wife, but manages to preserve her in the form of data on a mountain of computers he built, selling everything in his house in the process. His brother comes to confront him about this, and the argument they have starts to make him think... and so does his wife.

A CG animated film made by me and Rika Endo for my BFA4 film at CalArts. Watch other great films made at CalArts this year by our fellow students at: vimeo.com/channels/calartscharanimfilms2014

Directed by Takehiro Nishikawa and Rika Endo
Voice of Jaydon by Marc Cashman
Voice of Carwyn by Loren Kling
Voice of Letha by Rika Endo
Music by Ryo Sean Okada
Sound design by Ben Huff
Character design by Benjamin Carow

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