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Flappy Corgi

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Bronze Cat 5 Points

Defeat five cats

Bronze Heart 5 Points

Have 5 health

Bronze Treat 5 Points

Get 10 points

Gold Cat 5 Points

Defeat 25 cats

Heart Launcher 5 Points

Have a level 1 weapon

Rainbow Gatling 5 Points

Have a level 4 weapon

Rainbow Shooter 5 Points

Have a level 3 weapon

Silver Cat 5 Points

Defeat 10 cats

Silver Treat 5 Points

Get 20 points

Sonic Boom 5 Points

Have a level 2 weapon

Gold Heart 10 Points

Have 15 health

Gold Treat 10 Points

Get 25 points

Platinum Cat 10 Points

Defeat 50 cats

Rainbow Laser 10 Points

Have a level 5 weapon

Silver Heart 10 Points

Have 10 health

Pink Cat 25 Points

Defeat 100 cats

Platinum Heart 25 Points

Have 20 health

Platinum Treat 25 Points

Get 50 points

Pink Heart 50 Points

Have 25 health

Pink Treat 50 Points

Get 100 points

Author Comments

Let's face it, as addicting as Flappy Bird is, it's boring. It's time someone jazzed it up with lasers and cute puppies! Guide a corgi between the pipes while shooting down cats piloting UFOs who will try and stop you!

Use the space bar to flap. Hold down the mouse button to shoot and move the mouse to aim.

-Added options menu
-Allowed players to turn off flashing colors
-Added volume levels between 100% and 0%
-Added autofire
-Added pausing (shift)
-Added a mute hotkey (M)

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Much more entertaining than the actual flappy bird. ESPECIALLY because of dogs.


This has got to be one of the - if not the most entertaining Flappy Bird spinoffs I've played so far! Shooting at the same time as you're jumping on air makes for a pretty challenging type of multitasking, in a different way from the original Flappy where your main concern is co-ordination. It was a lot more fun here! And the powerups add to the reward, though after you get the hang of things, and level 5 weapons... it feels like you can just go forever. :/ A rapid increase in difficulty at some point, or a steady increase, would've been nice. As it is it turns into one of those endless games after the initial phase of trying to get as many power-ups as you can. Though, of course, it's easy to make a mistake and run into a pipe anyway. Glad it's not the frustratingly hard task it was in the original, where every pipe was a goal and an annoyance at the same time. Great graphics, sound, etc. Overall great game!


Corgis! Lasers! Medals! Stars!

From hence forth all games in this genre shall be known as "Flappy Dog" games. Who said dogs can't fly!

Seriously well done!

I just feel the need to rant about the evil collisions with columns - sometimes I would bop my head then feet (argH!), but often I would simply drag the feet on the top of a column losing most/all my precious hearts (nooooo... my pReciouSss). To be fair, it actually adds an appropriate level of difficulty. Must focus on keeping away from columns!!

Took me a while to work out the flapping rhythm required - but I got there in the end. Thankfully, extremely "just one more go" worthy!

nice game
Got the hang of this game now
I Hate Game Overs so much
keep it up
Got some medals