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One 5 Points

Save 1 Moai

Two 5 Points

Save 2 Moai

Three 10 Points

Save 3 Moai

Four 25 Points

Save 4 Moai

Five 50 Points

Save 5 Moai

Seven 100 Points

Save all Moai

Six 100 Points

Save 6 Moai

Author Comments

If you are wondering why the game is too hard. In fact it isn't. I didn't made it on purpose, but trying to find a strategy isn't that hard. Think about how you would try to solve a problem in real life. You try once and learn from the step and try a second time to achieve your goal. This is the real meaning of the game and behind the project. You will challenge yourself to reach the main goal to save all Moai. Your enemies in the game are your concentration and your patience. The game is not impossible, but I agree that it might be very hard in the beginning, so I wish you luck in finding your balance :)

( Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/US42gkBG8Hg?t=2m7s)
! If you have problems to reach all Moai with the mouse, than simply increase the mouse acceleration of your operating system. !
Game made for Ludum Dare 29 Jam within 20h.

Did you ever wanted to know what mystery lies behind the Moai statues? This is your chance to find an answer ;)

The Moai tribe has shipwrecked. You must help them to reach the top of the island. Save as many Moai as you can. Use the mouse (jump beam box) to let the Moai jump. Your timing is essential to let the whole group jump in a special order and survive the bubbling lava from below.

- Use the mouse to let the Moai jump by hitting the wave box.
- Press M to mute/unmute the sound.


Edit, new update:
- bigger wave box to catch more Moai.
- rescue beam (hit the Moai 10 times to activate and use with a mouse click to summon a beam that your Moai can jump on. Be aware that you have to find your rythm again after a use.
- game over bugfix

Play the original LD version here at Stencyl.com: http://tinyurl.com/kagargv

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Great concept.
When you understand the mecanic it's very easy to take all your medals but it's not a problem for me.

Satyre responds:

Thanks :). Congrats for getting all medals.

Why hello :p
I left you a slightly longer review on your LD page, but nothing special there either.
I enjoyed the game for a while (I played on stencyl.com though), and I liked most of the elements. Good job for making this in such a short while ;)

Satyre responds:

Thanks. Shame on me I didn't looked a long time at the LD page to respond, cause I'm busy with another project xD, I'll have to catch up the commenting.

i like

Satyre responds:

Thx & congrats for getting all medals.

Very nice game, nice idea, but I can't get more than 3. It is really reaaaaaaaally hard, the hardest part is not keeping em up, is letting em all jump at the same time on the start.

Satyre responds:

Thanks. I believe you can achieve all medals :) Don't give up & good luck!

Great and fun game :D

Satyre responds:

Thanks :) Congrats on getting all medals!

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2014
8:04 PM EDT
Skill - Other