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Cerberus: Underworld

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Become the three-headed dog Cerberus and consume the souls of the underworld. Grow huge, eat the meek, upgrade, burn, explode, sprint, cheat, shoot, smash, and unleash hell.

Note: The previous version was posted without permission. This is the real deal!

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pretty cool. clever and original.

I would have to say that this game is a really balanced game, not like other mainstream shmups where the player either gets very over powered or the game is just plain hard and becomes boring in the end. The upgrades balances out the advantages and disadvantages for the player, for example: more souls means stronger enemies, making it a bit more challenging but not losing the fun and entertainment. Also, I really liked the eating system in the game, where you can eat steak to grow and eat other enemies but in turn your hit box enlarges and it becomes easier for enemies to shoot you and for you to fall in traps, which is another point that kept the game balanced, fun, and challenging. Finally got to the last boss, destroyed it, and unlocked endless mode. Funny thing is I was so low on health that the moment I entered endless mode I got one-shotted by the first incoming bullet. All in all, really nice game to play and spend some time on it. I would really like to see a sequel to it, and I have already thought of the story line:

"Cerberus has finally defeated Hades and became the lord of the underworld. But as time passed, he felt bored, so he decided to take up the challenge to Zeus, and thus he went on his journey to Mount Olympus to dominate the entire universe!"

I know my grammar is not THAT good, but yeah, as long as you get the idea, it is fine. I hope that in the sequel (well, if there really is going to be one that is) there will be updated graphics especially in the bullets and pickups, because it was really a pain in the you-know-where for me to differentiate from things that I should pick up and things that I should avoid.

All in all, really nice shmup with new concepts. Liked it! Thank you for posting such an incredible game!

Oh, just one more point before I forget, is it possible to add another upgrade to make cerberus move faster? Just asking.

Cool game. I kile the upgrades :)

Last boss is a little bit...boring....

Keep making cool games!

Awesome! Good game to pass time and the achievements are great, which allows you to spend more time playing to unlock them.

This is too addictive. Doesn't look that great, but it's very entertaining. Only the nature/working/function of some updates confuses me a little.