30 Days Remain

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Maintain the order at all costs as society collapses around you.

- Arrows to move
- Shift to sprint
- Space to attack/continue

Made in 48 hours for LD29: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=25319

Any grammatical errors or game balance issues, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for playing!

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A nice diverting little game! And the game balance is excellent, the final day is very hard to win. I like how there are different endings depending on whether you keep all the area intact. I also like the quality of the in-game story.

Some things are annoying. Mostly, the difficulty of picking out clones from the crowd if two people are walking together. If you'd made them all walk at slightly different paces then this would have resolved that problem, as groups would gradually form and split up - moving around to get the timing right to single clones out would have added some skill. The music is very good and fits the game's mysterious/tense atmosphere perfectly but gets wearing after a while, could do with an alternative track and ought to get more frantic as the levels do! I couldn't get the whistle to work at all, is it really on the "X" key? Also it seems from other reviews that people had trouble working out the controls, I think they should have appeared in-game to avoid confusion.

Overall I had a good time, I enjoyed getting the best ending, and I'd have given 3.5 stars but I added half a star just because how funny some of the faces were! I'm sure I recognise some of them...

how to play this answer me

Really hard game i hope i win it someday.

It's definitely a tough game. You can get through it without losing any places, but it is tough (I almost did), but I just think it is ridiculous that if one of them is overlapping a person that I can't get them without hitting a citizen. Sometimes, there are just too many people on screen to get in a clean shoot. Still, I like the game and the idea. By the way, if none of the places are lost by the end, is there a different ending?

koe415 responds:

Yeah, there's three endings based on how many locations are lost when you reach day 30. Thanks for playing!

This... havejust 1 end?

Sorry for the bad english :c

koe415 responds:

There's 3 endings depending how many locations you're able to hold on to.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2014
4:21 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other