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Collect the keys and get to the doors.
Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Use the space bar to jump. Press "R" to reset the level. Press "Enter/Return" to enter a door once you've collected all the keys. You have 30 seconds to beat each level.

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Not really that interesting, I'm mainly commenting about the controls. i want to point out to those having troubles that you can't hold down space to jump, if you do the game stops your character's forward movement. just tap the space bar.

If that was intentional i think it's just annoying and doesn't really do anything for the game, if it isn't i think the game would benefit greatly from tinkering around a bit with the jump controls.

You know what i don't like in a game?
Controls that hinder you every step of the way...
Also most of your buttons don't work, you say click Enter to go into the door, it doesn't work.
Are the bad key commands on purpose, to create the illusion of difficulty?
if so YOU failed.
I now blam this, take it down, fix it, and try again.
Right now it's not only impossible to beat, its impossible to even play...

OsteoblastLabs responds:

It is not impossible to play, you might just be bad at it. It does work if you hit ENTER or RETURN (if you're on a Mac). Before you comment something like "Right now it's not only impossible to beat, its impossible to even play..." make sure you're right first. You're not.

Because of the bad jumping the second key of the second level is impossible to get, therefore making the game completable.

OsteoblastLabs responds:

The game is completable. Every level can be beaten. No levels are impossible. I don't know how many ways I can say it or how many people I have to say it to.

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0.83 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2014
5:12 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop